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Hello how are you today well let me tell you its late morning and I have yet to have coffee but today I did spend the morning with my baby girl we made breakfast together we ate French toast I made her poppy ponytail and we shared laughs as I was sitting the kitchen with her I realized I was a bit uncomfortable and I realized all my kitchen furniture is hard wood as well as my babies high chair now im sitting at work back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and I realize like oh my gosh how comfy is this chair well that needs to change who wants to eat on chairs that are so hard but then where do I find a chair with comfort that is also stain resistant do I get covers I remember when I was young my best friend’s grandma would put plastic on everything now we can find on google that furniture is made with durability and stain resistant but the prices are not affordable for most its so frustrating I could just throw my arms up and scream but when you ask back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee they can find any piece of furniture you are looking for I remember I was so excited I called my husband from a restore in greenfield an elder woman dropped off a couch and love seat it was a navy blue and the most comfortable couch ever it didn’t come with accent pillows but who cared at that point I was happy to have a set for 60.00 my kids stains aren’t even noticeable and the fabric is washable I am so happy that I was able to find such material for such an affordable price I have never been so happy before about furniture but when you have kids you know its time to get them furniture for a descent price I also was able to find accent pillows online at the home store for 3.00 a piece but I haven’t bought them yet since the kids are so rough I second them so no pillows for now but what about my kitchen furniture at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee they will find the most durable stuff you need for an affordable price they may work within your budget to figure out what you need sometimes we have to sacrifice for stuff you know its heartbreaking that the cost of living has affected how well we can maintain our homes I promise you this world has changed so much but it isn’t the worst of times we need to consider feed our families making sure they have clothing and make sure they have everything they need then you can move forward with saving what you can to better improve your home its ridiculous and the cost of rebuilding is also overwhelming but you must know when and where to go when you are working with families at back to basics builders they will find you the best quality for the best price in fact they know that the cost of living is expensive so they have started with a free estimate for anyone who is interested in moving forward with a remodeling project now this morning yes I was sitting on the hardest surface in the house eating warm French toast with warm syrup yes I like warm syrup and sometimes my kids will stare at you if you do not warm their syrup either way I was uncomfortable the chairs were cold and hard my food was great and the memories made were awesome we had blue applesauce this morning can you imagine what that looked like on a two year old’s face with sticky syrup and poppy hair ugh my baby girl and the memories well I still cant get over that my furniture is durable but the most uncomfortable furniture a kitchen could ever have so what do I do I could buy a new set or I could add pillows well a set that would fit in my kitchen would cost me about 300-500.00 I don’t know if its worth it when I have kids running around with pens in their hands or finger paint splashing around I know that I just need a bit of comfort.

Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Gain Traction with Your Addition Plans

So what can I do for minor projects do I need to call back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee because my kitchen isnt comfy for breakfast? Not really we can wait and see what we can do on our own last night I bought my child a pair of jeans I realized all his jeans were ripped and we needed to be ready for a pinewood derby I had to youtube how to sew holes in jeans to remind myself how to sew i never had to sew other than when I made my own clothing in high school at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are here to discuss and help you through many projects including the huge stuff that can be so overwhelming sometimes there are very simple answers to the chaos and this world isn’t helpful we only have technology when sometimes we need someone we can trust to come to our home and advise us it may not be the answers we are looking for but they give us foundation and what is better than having a foundation to better your family at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we get it we understand we live to see change that can only help a family we see the beauty in projects we see stability we see encouragement we see life and we see motivation when you have a clean place to eat and sleep life is so much better when you have blinds on your windows life is so much more cozy and you feel more secure and safe it’s the little things that many take for granted and here at back to basics builders we get it we want families to feel safe secure we want them to feel joyful and motivated to tackle the day sometimes its updating an office space sometimes its simple as securing a coffee pot in the morning that motivates you to move from the covers and tackle articles sometimes knowing that you have peace in a workplace will help you move but imagine having it all in one place peace diffusers music and a mini fridge what could a person ask for well let me tell you at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we can design your home we can help you add accessories we can help you make your office a home we can help you make your kitchen cozy and find the biggest comfy couch you will need to entertain your guests just give us a call at back to basics.