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Hello beautiful it is a great day outside the sun is shining and the windows are all open their is no wind to make you freezing cold and you can do great things on this beautiful day I cannot wait to be home with the kids when i came home this morning at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee the sun was out and the colors on the walls were popping i was so excited to see the hues of the blue paint on the wall and the love of everyone spark up again the fires are lit and the fun has begun i am so happy to see the babies so happy and their smiling faces it makes for a great day today at back to basics builders we are excited for a new season we are so happy that the season is upon us and that we have clean air to breath and we have the love laughter and life from the sunshine to the energy of all the other elements and it gets so exciting to know that there are more elements than just the warmth today i cannot tell you how happy i was when i saw the sun i hate starting my day in the rain let me tell you at back to basics builders we can definitely be spared the rain i don’t mind it during office hours however when it just rains and pours and i walk in it and wake up to it i wish the sun would just be out ever morning and that is how i could start my day with the sun blasting me in the face and the warmth all over the joy that the sun brings makes my heart smile at back to basics builders we definitely see change in materials¬† well yes we have always noticed some great changes when the weather changes we get tons and tons of different changes at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s lovely to see the different changes based off of seasonal changes well I’m sitting here looking at the sunshine the rays are coming in I know vitamins are going to be dispersed I know that people are going to be smiling everybody’s going to be dressed nice and light you don’t need some muscle to get through the snow at Back to Basics Builders basics we are here to help you through those decisions I am very excited to announce that we now have an agenda and not only for us but also for the clients to be more involved in their control of their remodeling project we have list of things that definitely clients need to be a little cautious s they need to be alert of we need to be aware of and while I’m working through certain things here at the office it’s good to know that our clients are aware of what’s going on in their home and wants to come up and while we’re dealing with not only seasonal changes were also dealing with covid-19 which is a huge pandemic right now here in the states we are also going and we are social distancing we are watching hands we are wearing masks and everybody looks different and I promise you even my daughter made a comment she’s in my everybody sick everybody is wearing that not realize when I told her people are sick and we need to keep our distance register that as people who look different are sick she’s definitely a toddler but it’s also very exciting to see that she is growing and so is my little guy he’s getting older now and they register things differently than adults do and when we are in homes and we are making huge gigantic changes we know that and impacts families differently and some families do great and they love change and they celebrate and there’s victories and there is no such thing as an obstacle and then we have family is that and a remodel an obstacle and it’s very tough it’s very difficult and mostly it may be a remodel because it’s a necessity for change and I season changes we want people to be aware that weather changes I don’t know whether changes material changes and one material remodels may be necessary so again please stay on top of the weather please make sure your home is fit for the weather and take strides in educating yourself on the materials out here at Back to Basics Builders there’s one thing that you get that no other company will provide and that is free consultation a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are a company that will put forth effort into your consultation we will share our wisdom we share our knowledge there’s definitely no no such thing as a shortcut when it comes to a remodel but there are ways to save money through the process and we are here to talk those things through with you to begin we start every family was a free estimate become and we take a peek we see what’s going on in the home what needs to be done what’s priority and then we break it down for everyone and piece by piece day by day time by time we lift your subcontractors that will be necessary the materials that will be necessary we know the tools will be necessary and we’re willing to take that time out and just sit and consult families through this process at Back to Basics Builders basement remote Milwaukee not every customer knows what to expect you in such times as this these times are different we are in pandemic we are in crisis we are in an unidentified time there’s so many words to describe the society as it is now and to bring up the word remodel to a family may mean financial disaster it may mean gain we don’t know we are not the customer but we are here to support we are here to assist we are here to encourage we are here to help families make decisions based off of the knowledge and wisdom that we have and can share a back-to-basics Builders there is one thing that we do on and that is the trust between customer and owner leaving have a relationship an open door policy we’re have open communication were there for individuals who have questions we are there for individuals who may need things during they’re remodeling process at Back to Basics Builders we are here to meet the needs of every individual family and to celebrate the difference of request I can attest to the times that have changed and admit that there have been multiple requests and timeline changes for different remodels throughout our city that we had started and I hate to say covid-19 Avec however it has taken over in someone is the different ways we do things but we look forward to hearing from you at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee please give us a call for a free estimate and follow through at a 15% lower rate than any other company in the business.