Okay here we go screen protectors getting on 35 what see if I got any emails today probably nice yep absolutely zero we can just keep looking at see what the Rock drinks for Wake everybody up yeah I don’t really know how to get protein in my system without a tasting bad.  however however look at these reviews we will have room directions what is an air compressor.  basement remodeling Milwaukee I would love to see if my goal is to sculpt and Shred oxyshred apparently it’s the see like something like this I don’t think it’s really bring your brother really believed in those working for 4 but it is what it is more like a pre-workout see the directions are I’m not too sure yes cut like nice and all that stuff going on I don’t think it’s really that worth it if you’re going to the places.

I mean you’re fine you just will be gone longer what time is the estimate Miracle you’re the category of bundle and Save all right I don’t really think that’s that big of a health and wellness at see what they give me for that skin tight weight loss and toning support I’ve never seen something like this before looks like it’s just a college in H5 importance in Thailand I guess I’ll see what this is all about if we look at the reviews for this we also have a see I don’t think I need a basement remodeling milwaukee fat burner this is like oxyshred I mean all about the last row, how much caffeine is in 275 mg of caffeine in a wonder why it’s all new whey protein whey protein even though you can’t really get a better flavor out of them not really my thing if we go.

Like I said if we go to recovery performance okay that’s no problem I’m going to look up Titans heading over there shortly collagen see what we have here there is like exercise I obviously expensive girl clothes what time is the estimate because I aren’t you getting those stuff fixed if somebody calls for you you want me too I was going to say if it’s what is it if it’s like a client try to take a message Tuesday not that urgent I feel like when clients or else I’ll basement remodeling milwaukee send it fits like you should probably like waterproofing won’t call again Willie right just send them through got you I’m wore out your estimate what is that too so I mean once it’s too I won’t send it cuz I know you won’t be able to answer but should be right right got a lot of errands today huh oh yeah you can get sounds good I’ll be here doing stuff that pops up that’s your stuff and then I’ll probably work on the other ones too that we been working like I saw this more than like 5 15 left yeah I saw that there’s only like 15 left about I didn’t count it but you have me I’ll try to get trying to get like three more of these done so then I can do some tomorrow and they’re not to worry about it 1 no it’s a ton already it’s so many and I saw her coat off 40 per week next week it was like the 20th and be 2 weeks interesting.  basement remodeling Milwaukee I know what you mean I got you if you need help text me bring them up all right so we keep going here on the door was wide open I want to see the things that help with tight skin and Occidental see what if there’s aunt supplemental see what an antioxidant supplement does and they really don’t have them yeah usually getting in accidents look up are and accidents in food all there where see where can you get antioxidants plant foods to help gross let’s see what this is collagen Hydro slate I drove sleep I don’t know what that powder would be I’m really want to take a powder

I’d rather just take like a I don’t want unflavored to just seems like a lot of work to do pretty good one 41 servings in there all right we’ll see you later if we look here collagen will help with skin hair nails I should start taking collagen maybe I’ll do that there’s a big giant thing right here salted caramel flavor so they don’t get really annoying I’d rather just have a unflavored and where is it like this one right here beautiful. If I click on it take me to walmart.com actually basement remodeling Milwaukee I don’t know what the flavor is but other than basement remodeling milwaukee  that we should be pretty good amino acids to I think I’m going to do the stuff from Walmart Michelle Easter Bunny there are that’s like a pound I’m using this what does a pound 4 this is only 19 and that is more than that this one Celtic Ray Krause sounds just not good at all the capsules which is good see what this is all about see this will be like a Sandy the other kind do I need to hide rosoli or whatever it’s called I really don’t want that does but I know what is more concentrated we can do this it screenshot it do I screenshot on this thing so I go like I’ve never really screenshot it on my iPad before I guess I could just go like that’s good basement remodeling Milwaukee that is good to see though oh here we go here we go see I don’t think I need that I think I just need like a here we go this apparently my internet does not want to work that’s website doesn’t want to work but oh well it is what it is. We still didnt get to the point where we needed to get at. Give us a call with any questions you may have!