In my previous article I talked about it see first with rooms for this one I’m going to talk about polka dot rooms basement remodeling Milwaukee. I feel like polka dot tail repairs and see if it’s true that if you just clear not like you can do some in a lot of different ways and I want a different like like more design function always a spear speak pink polka dots pretty lady mellow or at a row tamed I guess. You can like do the money cut you can use your picture to 90 color to but typically they’re always like black and white and my polka dots you can do like a bunch of different colors just one color or. but I really picked word that I’ve seen a lot lately is doing the wall with like like my cousin’s wife painted they built like a built-in vanity in their bathroom this year and the wall behind the building so might have been like next 3 feet wide maybe 44 v y they painted the whole wall white and I did like black dots on it basement remodeling Milwaukee.

We’re not really cool I think that it looks really nice because like it’s just like a really cool accent wall and I think it looks really elegant cuz it’s black and white. And then they just kind of built on over top of it the vanity and they have like a gold frame mirror and like it just looks really cool and I really like how it turned out. And I think that design-wise it was a smart move because like I only today add functionality but the added like Volume down on the other side of things like either so that’s one room that has like a white wall and I really don’t have to be like circles like I said polka dots are just like around a shape that I repeated all over on the wall. neutral green Cut the shape isn’t Like A Perfect Circle they’re all look small hexagons and I really like the use of the hexagon compared to the circle. Because it just adds a little bit more of a design component to the space. And I think it turned out really nice because it’s just a very like subtle accent wall but it also brings in a lot of movement to the room. It definitely looks like a little kids room because that you can tell they feel like the little kid books in the stuffed animals and have a second look so nice basement remodeling Milwaukee. And I also think that there’s another little kids room it’s also on the first page.

It looks like they did like a white chair rail going up about three-fifths of a while I don’t know I have to watch that they have for him will go with that. They don’t like a white chair rail going up half the wall and from the Tri-Rail to the ceiling then for the rest of all of the upper half of the wall it’s always just like the chair rail in the room but they then decided to use like a white pink polka-dot so it just looks really nice looks really elegant like simple syrup I like Elsa brings in a lot of color and a lot of movement talking about turned out really nice as well. And then like I also see like a lot of playrooms using the Pokemon print and I like the walls. So this one that from playroom all the walls are white but you can see almost like a wave of polka dots like it’s like a straight zigzag stripe wave looking thing and it’s like a small and big polka dots look in her mixed together and it’s in the color of the rainbows what starts with red and then it moves into orange as it goes into yellow before it goes into green and then he finishes with blue and purple polka dots basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And it wraps around the entire room and I think it looks really smart in like good because it brings in a lot of color but it also isn’t like too much going on. And it’s very playful with your feel like it’s good in a playroom because that’s what you do you play with toys and stuff in there. Another broken that room that I thing looks Is on this one that be kind of uses the black and white polka dot concept. Except it’s like a full wall. And the Coconuts aren’t like super close together their kind of spread out there on the smaller side of things. But then I figured I would like black and white or work on the wall as well as like a gray couch and then they have accepted the whole room with a bright teal Accents in the pillows and blankets basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I think it turned out really good. Testing testing. I feel like I definitely can be a little bit of a work I would take you but precise I think that you can never use polka dots in a room we just kind of depends on like how you’re applying them and they what kind of space you’re using them in. I feel like anybody can really utilize the polka-dot pattern as long as they taken into consideration the rest of the design of the space. And I think the polka dots are easier to use than precise zebra stripe since I talked with him in the previous article. But you can do like for the abstract Iva polka dots or you can take it all down and you really subtle kind of like very white polka dots. To take us like an easier and better choice. Just because you can easily apply them it’s really loud or like any space basement remodeling Milwaukee. And I really like him feel use the polka dots are there fiber in patterns and like all the Scissors Salon.