Hey what everyone’s having a great and fantastic afternoon today I love this wonderful Tuesday you know it is a little bit cloudy outside but you know we’re dealing with it here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we hope everyone does have a fantastic evening as well do you know before that though we’re turning it into something that it’s going to kind of a of a popular thing and it’s a funny thing I say about that popular because popular themes were going to talk to me today and how many different styles and themes that there are out there really realistic Lee you know if you thinking about it just began old kids rooms there’s tons of your cartoon that you have a many different things so we can we discuss it some of that stuff today here at basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So first of all get into this you know when you are a kid and you always want your the more popular thing as your room you wanted to match everything in the universe Pokemon when you were younger or whether it’s super heroes you want all that stuff in your room and you know it’s very very unique very differently I was he that comes into the interior design work I am not the actual rib out of work but however I’m going to make it in coordinate with each other hero bits and you’ll see why but you know just one of the things that you look at when you’re younger is like use for all this special stuff and you don’t even do some today what things like that it’s well you know whether it’s a retro-style house or whether it is a Star Wars themed room or even just a nice huge movie theater that would just have a theme to it you know but it all comes down to what the client of ours once but now getting into a how it correlates with us. So first saw it gets into us because I’ll wait to make the room first of all we have to create me at the frame it out we have to drywall and paint or whatever so we do have to find the colors that you would want for that room you know but then comes down to the actual work so you don’t like a movie theater

Like what we would do is be with credit stage for the sea so you can sit on if you wanted that way you know there’s many different options you can choose from. Basement remodeling Milwaukee Racine that we can do for you guys that blow your mind so you know even craziest days before 4 a nice little while I’m drawing a blank washer and dryer, but that’s not the extent of it either and you know we’ve done a bar where we’ve had a stack stone face on the bar and then it goes all the way up to the under part to the top of the bar where you would sit at a count on you know but we have different levels we make houses different levels not there two levels but like in a basement to make a stage that would be an incline so each person and see it’s also like an action movie theater you would climb down the stairs get to the bottom and you climb up to get to the top of the chairs you know stuff like that we have done that before and it shows in our work that we’ve done and we’ve just made incredible things and you know here at base Ramada Milwaukee there’s a lot of different aspects of going to a remodel. First of all if you were to say a Star Wars themed room and dance with a jealousy wanted while okay well this Pennies from the options hey Brandon how are you better better than last week that’s good to hear Brandon that’s good to hear what you looking for I’ll be down here at basement remodeling Milwaukee.

We can make stuff so we could wear carpenter shop see you do that’s what we do here we make sure the laws can put together and praise and then they’re done correctly, you know we’ve done the shelves be done stages you know there’s not something we could do like a Millennium Falcon type of stage or anything something like that where you guys can have in your room or even put in the bed you know if you need to get heated for the bat or even just adding part of it to a wall where you would have it stick out of the wall and all that stuff like that you can do an interesting aspects to what’s room or anything that you would want done how do you not spell something Correctly computer unbelievable into the computer is telling on correctly incorrectly.

Tell me I was a bad speller how does a computer do that you do here happy face turning on in Milwaukee or just playing a little things it funny this keyboard a light and fun near as we do here you are very happy and very outgoing here and we’re very family-oriented and we make sure we have a great time or working in our weather is finally small little things that just so funny it is different from everything else you know but here we’re discussing clients and stuff like that with different types of ideas I can have in a popular things are so rare these days you know yet Pokemon you have your superheroes weather and Superman Batman or anything like that the flash is a very popular theme these days with the new show that to the city of you but you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee give us a call for a free estimate hey Damien how are you everything good today that’s good that’s good I guess red sunrise today give basement remodeling Milwaukee a call for a free estimate nose help you with your next big project.