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Hi there everyone, I hope everyone is have a great Tuesday afternoon and good start to the their week, here at basement remodeling milwaukee we are having a great week and exciting news with all that has been going on throughout the world we are looking forwards and to higher heights with and higher goals for the coming year. We have a lot of business right now and some of them being new clients that we are starting very soon and some later in this year but we are doing great work and all of our clients are happy with the progress that has been made with their projects and some of these projects have been some bathrooms in the basement being created which leads us to the choice that one needs to make what bathroom vanity to choose and we are here to give some examples and ideas to be brought in to your own home if you so choose to take these ideas. What we are looking at is the vanity that hold the sink and some essentials for people like toothbrush, toothpaste, and items along those lines. So, first thing that needs to be know is what size do you want and that leads to knowing what size can fit in your bathroom for obvious reasons you do not want one that is sixty inches long if you only have room for on that is forty eight inches. For reasons we do not want to complicate things let say the vanity you are looking for is over fifty inches. So the next question that remains how many sinks in the vanity do basement remodeling milwaukee you want one or two maybe even three, lets use two for the example coming up, then after the number of sinks the design is big part does it look nice with the rest of the bathroom do the colors match the rest of the room then is there open door cabinets or are they drawers or maybe the mixtures of both. Then you have ask well do we want one that has an open area underneath the cabinetry or does it go to the ground and become part of the floor in the bathroom. Then after all that is pick out the sink fixtures what color do you want those to be and finish. So you see a lot goes into deciding which one will be chosen. So now for the actual example we are going to describe a vanity for an example of one you could have. So you are looking to get an eighty inch vanity that has two sinks. So there is this eighty inch vanity that is a more modern style of cabinetry that has three sets of cabinets two that open like doors and one set of three drawers the vanity top is a marble top with the same material being used as the back splash. Then on the bottom it has a small opening to it to hide it being on the ground. Then you have the color being a darker blue and more of a navy color to it. Lastly you have the fixtures and handles to the drawers and sink faucets which are a gold finish to top of the nice light blue bathroom you currently are creating for your house. The vanity height is around the average of thirty five inches and around twenty one inches in depth. There are many more options to choose from and endless amounts of things that could be, I will be describing another vanity for the bathroom. This next one is a more high end old time feel towards the type it will be. First it is around sixty inches long and thirty six inches tall. It only has one sink to it right in the middle of the vanity top, the vanity itself is all white including the vanity top which is a marble swirl. Then the vanity has three sets of cabinetry two sets of drawers on the end and the middle has a open door concept and has an opening underneath where you can store other materials or put a nice little basket. The material used for the sink fixtures and the handles for the drawers are a silver chrome color and material to help differentiate it self, for this bathroom it is a darker color room but in the high end to mix it up the family went with a white color. So you see there are literally hundreds of choices to choose from, basement remodeling milwaukee has a lot of contacts and suppliers to help you find that perfect vanity to choose for your dream bathroom, after all we care for all of our clients and strive to create the best customer client experience we can we do this by providing them with solutions and not problems we love helping our clients pick out the best colors and vanities to go along with their area of the project because we our clients to be happy with the decision that they made so we create a relationship with our clients they are practically family going through the process of a remodel because it is stressful and we have high expectations for ourselves to be the best remodel company and we do this by striving to be better than we were yesterday ways we do this by being personable with our clients making sure they understand the process of a remodel what to expect during a remodel and ways to make this a transition to be as painless as possible for everyone we know no one like problems so we do not come to you with problems we come to you with solutions and make sure that is one less thing to worry about during a stressful time in our clients lives so, we make sure that everyone understands this. Basement remodeling milwaukee also makes sure that if you are concerned about style we help with that, so next remodeling project give basement remodeling milwaukee a call.