Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Why Do Permits Matter?

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Thank you today is a great day here at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and I’m so excited we’re going to talk about how we have overcome this year and let me tell you there has been some people that have been put in place giving God’s grace and mercy and then there are moments where we are there was a lot of learning and teaching and constructive criticism and moving forward at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re here to be here not only for our customers but I said fire Community where a band of Overcomers we all have a background we all have a story to tell we all may have skeletons in our closet but we have overcome all of those things and It we are here too and every day that we can be in I know that there are moments where an obstacle will take me down and make me feel all around and bizarre and there’s moments where I have to sit down and remind myself that this is more this is more than a vision is more than a dream this is a lifestyle and a that’s when you know you are an overcomer and that’s when we know we can overcome it comes within us we are powerful we are strong we are mentally prepared for everything that we need to do here at and it is up to us to be that Overcomer to be that joy to be that one that can take the bad and turn it into a good I know there’s moments are we have to think outside the box here and I always say that because it’s hard it’s hard to know that you have the skill sometimes to overcome and when you’re given the resources and the strengths and the knowledge and wisdom you know that you’re in a great place and that you’re ready to overcome and it’s gray it’s a fabulous thing and it makes me smile and it makes me forever and Dora the obstacles and that are always in front of me and I was just dealing with us over the weekend and not even Sunday night going into a weekday and oh my goodness the obstacles that we face in the things that are put before us are sometimes more personal and personalized than they are surface and it’s so frustrating that we can put into thought these different obstacles in Journeys and then we are concerned about others and we want to know what these people what is Going to their mind and how strong are they in regards to their vision and regards to their thoughts Aunt Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I was raised to be an over, I was raised to know that I can overcome¬† I was raised that I was above and not beneath that I was the head and not the tail I was raised that I was a child of the one true king and he lives within me and I was created in His image that I was given dominion over the Earth of and I didn’t truly understand that until I was in my thirties and it is up to me as a parent to instill that at a very young age and to know that my children will understand that they have authority into minion and that they can overcome there are obstacles and some of the obstacles that are put in their way or not going to be the ones that take them down at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re here to speak life or here to speak truth or here to speak love and that is the one true statement that I have here and as an employee I know that on a daily I have to speak things because if I don’t I get overwhelmed when I get drained and I think that these things are just not acceptable they’re not things that I want in my life and there are things that are not supposed to be smoking on and sometimes when we watch and we talked and we keep talking we’re giving more credits of the devil than he deserves and he gets so excited and he creates more things for us to ponder on in to move around and to think more on all reality they don’t even belong in our lives and it’s a journey it’s a it’s a true journey to know that I serve a king and he created me in his own image and how beautiful is that that he gave me dominion over the Earth and the angels of the Skies of the heavens and for me to be able to call on the heavenlies and say go before me surround me give me peace walk before me he’ll protect these are my given authorities and God blesses them when you speak them and when you offer them out into other lives this is who we are and this is what we do at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are Overcomers we are and we are set apart if you would like a team that overcomes together give us a call at 414-460-0075 or here in Wauwatosa where based as a family company and we love each other we love one another we grow together every move forward with one another and it’s amazing it’s a great feeling it’s something that I truly enjoy doing and a we’re here to serve you and your remodeling needs the reach out and give us a call we provide a 15% lower price than any other company in the business we also provide free estimates and free consultation we have multiple ways we communicate whether it’s email phone or live documents you will never feel that you were outside seeking help you always feel connected he will always feel as though you are family here and that your home is being taken care of and Back to Basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are excited to further your dream home and create more memories for your family