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Good morning thank you for tuning in today is a fabulous Monday¬† at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee as definitely dark injury a little bit of gray but definitely no rain which is gray I do like to travel and do some errands when there is no rain supposed to when you have two kids and makes it a little difficult to get things done especially with a toddler running around and going to stores and in and out there is a pandemic going on right now covid-19 they call it we do know the signs and symptoms we all star very educated on the topic with all of this being said and Monday being dragging today I would like to thank you again for checking out our web site and Googling the things that you’ve done you found yourself here and that’s great at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee today we’re going to talk about Toddlers and remodels well thought it was a great idea to quote update my kitchen and quote I find that to be one of the craziest ideas I’ve ever came up with my husband and I we both work full-time careers we have a full-time toddler we have full-time homeschooling right now because of the pants on my bank and I thought it would be great all of us living in the same house under the same roof 24/7 literally because while we are locked in and we are remodeling your kitchen will updating can’t say remodel cuz we didn’t demo anything we did however take everything apart we stand at things from one group to another and now we are in the process of applying that look lacquer and I don’t know if you’re familiar with the smell but it’s disgusting and we definitely have to wait for great weather and because the kids cannot be in the house at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I’ve been taught a lot of different things and a lot of interesting things a lot of new things a lot of things died I sound great to be very educational I’ve been trained and different things and I’ve got to experience different things in the construction starting the remodeling setting the different turn it up that’s why I don’t give you water because you know that was enough water in there clean it up have activate six pillars and working full-time remotely part-time so 1 week I’m in the office when we come at home when we come in the office when we come at home with benefits of going for interviews every other week so that’s great the week that I’m home I get to go back and do some interviewing but thanks to the grandparents this covid-19 has definitely put a damper on sitters as well so my advice to you is when you give us a call it Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee that’s your mentally prepared for an update or remodel I’m ever going to come in and tear your place down just know that it’s not going to be built the next week I don’t know if there’s going to be a functioning bathroom I don’t know if your kitchen will be functioning and I think the most frustrating part of having someone you know do your updating are you remodeling is that there’s a comfort in your relationship and there’s no respect in work and I say that because well my husband knows me if we have a relationship and he leaves his tools everywhere there’s dust everywhere there’s dangerous all over the counter that wrecked my kitchen table and at Back to Basics Builders we don’t have a relationship with you we come in your home we respect it we are sure that we do not overstay and we are sure to continue our work and then organized fashion¬† at Back to Basics Builders where a company that you can trust to come into your home you can trust that we will be there for you you can trust that we will clean up our mess you can trust that we will use appropriate preparations in regards to your remodeling project we will not stain over your dishes and drop stain into them if we have to stain over your sink we will cover your sink if we staying over any surfaces we will definitely give them a cover prior to doing our work at Back to Basics Builders I hope that you reach out to us if you’re looking for your projects to be done the spring we look forward to working with you and we are definitely very excited to continue with new projects and I know I’ve mentioned previously at Back to Basics Builders you are not left alone you will being forwarded with company you have free consultation throughout the process even to begin the process you have consultation we are here to help you through to make sure you understand what is going to be the agenda of when things will be done and we will be sure to include you in all of decision processing in fact we do have decision sheets with an agenda attached to it the top half is and choice program which everything that needs decision-making perhaps a new faucet different tiles what you’re looking for and Cabinetry all your ideas would be added to the top half of the page under the category maybe Hardware maybe you’ve never even thought of oh no I have to choose hinges what do hinges look like yeah there’s multiple different styles of hinges I had no idea until I went to the hardware store I haven’t even decided on hinge yet but I do want you to know that at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee you will be watched through each of these steps if you have questions about these steps we are again an open door policy where you can come to us with all of your questions we are here for you we are in your home and we ask that you understand where we’re coming from as well knowing that you can approach us at any given time and let us know what you need and what you want done in your home I know a lot of families have reached out to us at Back to Basics Builders and have explained different situations given the covid-19 they’re putting in their own guidelines and we respect them and as we continue work we will move forward with implementing these guidelines in their homes at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are here for you we are here in your home we are here to build that relationship of trust we are very faithful and loyal in our services to you and we ask that you reach out for your free estimate today and we can guarantee you 15% more right than any other company in the business.