How to build a bridge that’s out of Legos basement remodeling Milwaukee. Could you select how wide was the bridge or how long was it her or was it just up to you only I had some teenage that we were doing it. me and to to do I got. kindergarten I had to build what was I to build like a tower out of toothpicks and marshmallows. don’t say it’s okay it’s Marvin sister Luna she is cute she’s a lot scroll fear than Murphy though yeah Marvin Lee had three siblings that were the same color as him he had seven siblings there were eight puppies including him there were three boys and five girls note the right there was one less boy than there were girls to us yeah they’re only three boys Marvin and his two brothers then had Five Sisters cuz it’s hot in there she said yeah yeah oh yeah yeah you know cuz I’m leaving here when she giving you the other day oh yeah basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Yeah because she can’t control that one yeah right hoping I have like a little like you’re having a little portable air conditioners like I like the table top size oh yeah I had what my mom got it for me when it was super hot like a couple summers ago for my apartment cuz we didn’t have a see and I was just melting it’s literally like Accu would like that and you just pour water in it and it just like blows cold air but only for like 15 minutes. all at White Waters dorms. it luckily like that’s how to lose storms or two. but I think it will walk you I think I could control the air conditioning I think. I know it’s a loose we didn’t have a see but they always crank the Heat Dash but if you could just show up 1 of Dash is wild in right now stitches rolls Sissy. I have to I’ve I have to see how you guys fight first and then yeah okay want to see you guys train then you have to bend it like an upside down.  hello hello hello testing testing to see if you do cuz I was worried it was Kramer Boy song it stopped I was up in the delete it afterwards. I can buy for your fast and it’s kind of cords and then I just kind of the Appleton Campbell and Campbell and then you should just accept it for that it makes it for something. I hate off I’ve done about 1 basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Every like 5 or so minutes I Stay Focus in the concentrated on her butt apply for this article and I really know what in all over the top of the counter medications considering I’ve never done a renovation myself clear I know if you’re done if you want to resume cells at our house remember the first night we ever did was at our old house. They renovated the bathroom on the main forward to it because I wouldn’t want a bathroom on the main floor. Of The Witcher between everyone who came to visit as well as one to live in this house currently. We’re completely out of it I believe it -2 tub and shower cuz I think it would just be finished the tub and shower cuz I was just like one of those plastic insert my mom painted it because it has color in the right way basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And then put new flooring in as well as their neck above me diamond Custom Cabinets To Go in there the community and everything else I like she’ll be inside so it was like a tall cabinet and everything. Not really nice we’re just going to stay because we were all that working interview actually ended up moving out of the year to after we put all that in. I don’t know if it’s that one. But I never really believed that the knobs and door handles went back on the cabinet was like remember that was pretty cool. I don’t think with a cool unique touch with my parents from the bathroom. But I mean something we had rained quite as anywhere else in the house in order to be really care about 3 if either of you but I know that was the first reason they didn’t really know what that 3 camera cost me probably couldn’t remember the number for sale computer Amazon I want to hear what they did on the backsplash in a kitchen. Make her nose. And the right into their was waiting of a tile saw clear to Red 1 hour and I mean I wouldn’t be to be a big problem for like it was a problem we had without the previously and it was forever these Esau and I think basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But I know that there are some from the comforting Renovations are a lot harder to sell because I’ll just bring the controller architectural elements create a lot of the times to remove bold move walls are too thick Air Force of the walls are bearing or whatever. On sometimes also there’s constant of the room that they have to give me one of them but it’s already kind of easy to conquer the things that I have to find work around it and I believe it. We’re just out of the column cells. I don’t really cool video on Pinterest right now that’s why it’s called how to make a vertical shiplap half-wall. Look pretty cool I think it always looks really nice people do that kind of thing halfway up the wall I would like to have a page of like an ice agent green color or like I don’t know like a gray or something for the give me like a black of these really cool with the symbol of mine this woman did it all by yourself is going to be a white it looks like just take a day or so basement remodeling Milwaukee.