Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | And The Rockets Red Glare

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Good morning it’s Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee today has been great we’ve had some leads come in this morning and we’ve gotten to talk to some new families to remodel their homes are moving forward and building great business relationships with more people not working as a great thing at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re really excited for this Memorial Day weekend and I can’t tell you how excited I am one of the projects that I wanted to talk about that we’re doing is we are cleaning a basement now a lot of people don’t find that complicated but let me tell you demoing projects can cost up to $3,500 so if you can grab a broom and a mop and get the cleaning it’s going to it’s going to cost you less if you can get some totes out of your house and move on with memories that’s even better and Back to Basics Builders we may even have a rummage to bring in some some money here and it’s really exciting at Back to Basics Builders we are in love with what we do we’re having great times were moving forward with Rummage weekend’s wear having a great time together at Back to Basics Builders we’re going to move forward with some fun ideas to get rid of a lot of our stuff so if you’re in the neighborhood in St Francis swing around and see what you can find on the side of the road I know we’re going to have a lot of curbside free stuff at Back to Basics Builders we want you to know that social distancing is always a priority of our families and we hope that you practice that this weekend at Back to Basics Builders we also want you to know that your lives matter to us and we like you to be safe we love you to be greats we love you to be everything that you can be at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are going to kick off this weekend Into Summer and yes usually Milwaukee we have some great summer events going on but even today we don’t even have summer school yet for these young ones so they even going to work with us and inspect it’s been very frustrating I’m I don’t know if the government has considered how many jobs had to be lost because of childcare there are no childcare services at this time and it’s one of the last things that they want to open because kids are they spread germs so while you’re out this weekend for Memorial Day weekend we want you to know that clean up your home’s it’s a time to come together and get your homes under control enjoy this weather that we’re going to have I believe Saturday it’s going to rain but Sunday and Monday it’s going to be fabulous so if you’re definitely interested in having a great weekend with your family today is is one of the days to start at Back to Basics Builders we’re probably going to go take a bike ride this evening and I’m really excited about it I love spending time with my family every Friday night we do something together I believe last Friday we had ice cream the Friday before we had movies the Friday before they are at we been spending a lot of Fridays together and it’s great I love it it’s a new idea that we’ve been working on as a family and it’s fun it’s something that we get to do together and a back-to-basics Builders the sun is starting to peep out its trying I can’t wait if it does we’re going to maybe hopefully get out of here earlier I don’t know but at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee have fun with your family’s this weekend practice social distancing and take time to add Cartier homes whether it’s moving furniture around whether it’s getting a new seen sometimes when you move some furniture around and you get a new scene going the kids get excited because it’s not something they’re going to wake up to that they’ve seen already and it’s boring and we’ve been in lockdown and it’s just been ridiculous it’s something I did while we were in quarantine not that we’re a hundred percent lifted but we do practice social distancing and I know that I would move my furniture around we would turn it into a gymnastics Workshop there was some ideas that we had we bowled down the hallways there was lots of different things that we did as a family especially in the chilly weather so I Back to Basics Builders we’re going to support you no matter what you do 100% free consultation we also provide you with a 15% lower right than any other company out there you can schedule with us today via phone at 414-460-0075 or you can go to www. Back to Basics and you can fill out the contacts there to the best of your knowledge and ability I encourage you to fill out all the details on there and let us know what you’re looking for at Back to Basics Builders wheel of basement remodels but a lot of people don’t so catch up with us let us know your thoughts we’re really excited to move forward with some new business think about it this weekend spend time with your family be safe be socially distant love one another your night with one another build up one another and spend time together At Back to Basics Builders we want you to know that your lives matter to us and that we’re here to support you 100% free consultation through your remodeling project so when you’re with your family is this weekend asked what is going to bring functionality to your family what is going to bring to your home what more can you add or what more can you take out to bring function and work on that make a list what can we do first what’s going to be the product of this plan and what is our Kohl’s along the way puts dates on it I know that there’s a couple things that I wanted you in my home and I think this weekend I kind of want to start building little frames of a binder of projects and just to pray over it because when you start speaking into your home things start to happen and I encourage you to speak positively and to bring your family together and talk about some things in your home that you could do I’m at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend and that you tune in on Tuesday.