Testing testing hello hello. Perfect morning happy Thursday everybody I hope everybody had a really good morning basement remodeling Milwaukee. I am I wanted a little bit more of a rough start too because last night it was a pretty bad storm. But I don’t know for what reason I really don’t like storms. Especially when the word tornado starts to get thrown around it really freaks me out like a lot more than I should. I think it was when I was little I remember one time when there is a tornado warning in my hometown I just woke up in the basement cuz my parents a quick grab my brother and I are like brothers downstairs cuz there was a tornado nearby. And I think of that just really freaked me out and I think I just going to have stuck with me so I did not get a lot of sleep last night. The storms cut me up until about 3 a.m. or so just because I was kind of worried that like I wasn’t going to hear something that it wasn’t I’ve repaired or whatever. I actually I started thinking I have no idea where to go my apartment building if we do actually have a tornado warning that occurs. I’m not sure if you go down to the parking garage to go down to hallway like to lock yourself in the bathroom like I know to get away from Windows but I don’t know like I said early where that is a surly basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I’m assuming we would go down to the garage but I mean like there is like I was of the elevators if you packed so we probably to run down the stairs grab Marvin and I was like oh my gosh they cuz they actually would have happened like what would I grab that God is going to grab Marvin I would grab like my purse probably like a boy make it I think but I mean it’s just so hard to protect that kind of thing. So just kind of a weird night for me I didn’t really love that. But then this morning I had a little bit of a later start just cuz I was kind of tired and I don’t use I didn’t sleep again but I got up out of bed like a little bit later than usual I usually get up around 5:30 if I’m not going to the gym and I didn’t get out of bed till like 6:15 and I don’t have a lot of time that I pack a lunch or do any of that so I scroll through some stuff in my lunch bag and left. But I am going to go during my lunch I’ll try to go and get gas because my car is literally like running on empty and I need to get gas I meant to do that this morning as well but I didn’t have time. So have a lot of stuff to catch up on today but we leave for Minocqua tonight.

So I’m pretty excited for that they also got hit pretty hard with storms. So I’m hoping that there’s no major damage or anything. Up there. But I’m hoping I’m hoping to get on the road between like 4:34 and 4:30. Cuz when we go to sober to drive from Milwaukee to Madison and once were mad as pictures of amazed appear to drop off some things there create something you forgot something the drawing. But I’m hoping that there was damage up there basement remodeling Milwaukee.

My mom did send me photos and videos morning the Bears back my grandparents cabin. We’ve noticed that the bird feeders bird knock down a lot lately and my grandpa for Christmas we got him some like security cameras to watch over the back area. And we’ve noticed that you moved see link this barrier that keeps coming in and like knocking stuff down. It doesn’t look like it’s like a big bear it looks like it could be like a couple years old nothing old. I’m so we’re hoping I get to see that this weekend and that kind of staying on my don’t think any tornadoes touch down at the Minocqua. There was a tornado touchdown in the county of my hometown. And Dane County and on so that’s a little freaky I’m not sure exactly where it touch down I haven’t really been able to find much about it basement remodeling Milwaukee. Other that I know a lot of people for my class to go down into a shelter. I luckily don’t have to go anywhere which was nice.

We never heard the sirens go off for you set a tornado warning nothing like extreme I guess I didn’t hear about any tornadoes touching down in the Milwaukee area but I think another reason I really tight like scared of storms is there was one time I remember it was like me my mom my dad my brothers getting the living room fbecause there’s bad storms redo that tornadoes are possibility. Of course crying because I was sick it like scared of tornadoes going to happen but my mom told me she that you don’t need to worry until you hear the siren and literally as soon as she stop saying the word siren the siren light went off in full speak basement remodeling Milwaukee. We had to go down the basement and I think that just like also really freaked me out. I don’t know if it’s just like the unknown really terrifies me about stores I just am not a lover of the storm. And it’s totally funny because Mason love storms I love a good thunderstorm I just don’t like it when there’s like a lot break flashes of light and stuff it really freaks me out. But yes I hope everybody stays safe during the storm and that nothing got severely damaged happy Thursday basement remodeling Milwaukee.