Okay so for this one like I said I’m going to search DIY home decor Pinterest insert a lot of Zapata actually the first of the pops up with something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now basement remodeling Milwaukee. It looks like this person is going to the Goodwill resume where I found a bunch of bases and they got some pain so there they like like I told Zach decorations of clay down and you literally just mix the paint with like baking soda or baking powder my apologies so it’s 1 cup of page 1 tbsp baking powder and Alicia said I just missed it. Yes so it’s 1 tbsp of baking powder to 1 cup of paint and I was you can do it bigger batch of it so you can do like two cups of paint to 2 cups of 8 do you like mix it all together and then you paint the bases and just cuz of his kind of like a bazooka terracotta temperature and lie face is like that are very expensive in stores I like being able to paint them yourselves to make them ourselves to you too so much money and I feel like a lot of people don’t really see that add value basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But like you can also find a really cool like size 2 vases and stuff if you do this like you can have the different variations of sizes. I just have a new I really need to bring I’ve got like a So I have a wax melter my parents house so I keep forgetting to bring back my phone. I just I don’t know why I did hold everything at home with my parents which is fine in town so I just need to end up right back cuz I feel like it really Falls in Center. So I also really want to get to light the candles up cuz I feel like I ran out of my last one I really like and I also there’s a lot of snow are we going to do like I really want to make up with gladly pay for it because of anybody that style last word just cost a lot of money I’m pretty crafty person. Like for Christmas day my mom next door to me that she really really really wanted because I patiently there’s only Amazon that are that ridiculously expensive so maybe I’ll just order one off of Amazon I want to do when he just wants to be do it all the time basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And it’s something that I really can produce upon his living space is just stuff that like he doesn’t want. Just playing League the stuff that he wanted to ride in one like Pokemon like that sounds like you want to leave old man’s house line during you just saying it to get like a reaction out of me because I knew it would make me mad associate other DIY DIY ideas DIY trays make it to work just like create a measure for the sound like a spinny thing or not it looks like it is I doubt it but it looks cool table so I’m going to do the truck cuz I kind of want one to find her I just want like a black one color black some black accents purple Kleenex for the previous because like they’re just black accents and all of our furniture would like a Furniture piece that are black exactly. Is that all it’s a lot of organizations have some pictures by my moms bathroom on a budget. Super duper ugly bathroom it looks like it’s a half wall of a salmon pink tile pure monster create they don’t see what the picture is Ben Simmons cheap scroll painting the tile with like white paint and then painting the walls gray. It looks very nice how far I mean I don’t know how long they’re going to paint last for. I feel like my Mom and Dad tried to do something like that at our old house and it’s nice to have for a while so we end up having a physical New Smyrna family basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Text of an expansive here like willing to have to get a noose around eventually or not but so yeah so she can play some mirrors paintings speak to the vanity right now if you want to play 4 in. And I’ve no idea if that works good I have no idea like anything about that so I think my friend Maddie actually has some of their bathroom not true though but the bathroom. When are you send me the time and everything fantastic but like it’s definitely cute if you like maybe attitude is really weird bathroom that I use when I’m home and it’s a really good size but the people that their previously was for their children with your center of the right to intrude so I can switch over to but like everything in there just so tiny and short like $2 short so it won’t be so short that space and that’s super annoying to take us away.

Doesn’t affect me that much or just more realistic inconvenient kind of annoying. But here’s another DIY that I’m finding it is I just got to look like finding stuff that like do you have up your sleeve this one let’s hear paste wooden windows in touch That doesn’t look super easy so I don’t know basement remodeling Milwaukee. I’ll put this on to your way, turn AC up interest in the color Home Improvement like things on shelves. I actually put some hexagon shelves up in my apartment right now I’m currently living in. I thought I could prior. I’ll try to talk to go home goods this weekend cuz I haven’t gone in a little bit. But sometime if I don’t need to spend the money there because I always like to do more money than I want to spend my go to those places basement remodeling Milwaukee.