Procrastination has paid off for what did but that but nothing nothing.  oh who’s going to Brandon I didn’t talk to you interesting basement remodeling Milwaukee. Okay so probably that was in the I’m even know who these people are anyone else call I don’t know why I want to go leave the group yeah I would like I said you can’t say you’re lying.  which is looking forward don’t even really know I really know not addicted to the game I was going to look at Miguel Cabrera stats before okay if we go to and we’ll be scores I guess we’ll just go from yesterday’s games basement remodeling Milwaukee, see what happened last night in the volume down cuz I’ll probably be out loud I let that keep going through if we look I can’t wait to see the Rockies beat the Mets I want to Francisco Lindor going to hit we probably didn’t because yep over for again all the best friend I would not be happy.

Well the Rockies actually one that I could team but you know Trevor story probably the best hitting power shortstop in the league to keep looking since 2016 he just been hitting home run after home run never been a huge average guy but still very 2 player go back Charlie Blackmon on the see the last time he was good. Charlie Blackmon see where he was at okay so he’s always been a pretty high average guy ever since 2012 but if you look at 2019 Charlie Blackmon he was really good even last year you was getting a lot of heads so it is what it is.  move on to the Orioles versus the twins the Twins won again oh actually last night let’s look at the Bergen the Brewers basement remodeling milwaukee beat the Padres 5 to 3 it looks like it looks like looks like the breweries, wanted to rbi’s going to 4 for that’s good for him Medicare had two RBIs and they seal Garcia had one. we look Lorenzo Cain went over for Naga game for him left for on-base to strike out.

I think he’s washed up turn Taylor 1/3 two strikeouts Jackie Bradley jr. facial Garcia went 1 for 4 with two strikeouts cast in his first game back he did strike out twice but he to walk once he went 1 for 3 so Adam cyan 2 walks 1 lesson base pretty good score to run so so far it’s been pretty good with the Brewers I’m making you want one for 3 with two RBIs all see Luis Rios from 143 minute I’m sold out of good things that happen at day it will Galactus pinch-hit appearance had a walk what is pitching sizing rental Woodruff continues to be dominant he pitched seven Innings on your 3 Hitch struck out eight he also has a 141 era.  basement remodeling Milwaukee then and relief Brad

Boxberger came and struck out one Angel Perdomo he came and I don’t know why they brought him in. So you give me the 19 just gave up three runs immediately they brought a Josh header they struck out one so it’s very interesting thing that they did by bringing them for Domo I don’t know why they did that Blake Snell kind of got roughed up she went 3.2 Innings give a five rounds he did strike out 7 but still not a great game for them so beautiful White Sox versus Cardinals Lance Lynn got the which one got the win versus Kim I don’t know who that is. I do still have stuff that I need to go over later but for now I’m going to keep finishing these I don’t know why they’re taking me so long today but it is what it is the Mariners beat the A’s you say pitched had a good game he went six Innings and gave up one run and struck out three cooking for him cheer clinic went 1 for 4 she’s not feeling well but it is what it is Mitch haniger went to 4/4 but see what else we got going on so not that many games 2 4 6 8 there’s a game so I don’t know we look at scores I took it actually took an MBA scores don’t even know why I don’t want to go to any ba there is a medic on this way I’ll be able to look up some stats. If you look at yesterday’s games we care about tonight I know the Lakers have to play again foot most likely Anthony Davis and LeBron James left better games than they did the other night I guess Ledbetter whatever.

I want to see scores the worst website of all time I’m going to NBA scores I don’t care what’s see where we’re at here Berry all switches do ESPN cuz apparently the actual website is not working very well basement remodeling Milwaukee. What’s the last night let’s look at the box score for the Bucs versus Heat Trevor Ariza he’s a bum human over 3 of Jimmy Butler have another sub card game bam adebayo played pretty well but nothing special nobody on he played well and all through 2 games title Heroes 3 for 15 from the field so he is kind of a non-factor. we look at the rest of the team Dewayne dedmon was the only one that played really well for the heat as well as Goran dragic they combined for a 37 points on in 03 to 9 this job but not too bad see for the bucks Giannis to keep didn’t shoot 3 basement remodeling milwaukee Crystal to daddy wants to 4 3 khris Middleton hadn’t really easy 17 points and we missed one shot all night now it’s at 3113 of course he did Brook Lopez really didn’t do much the bench can I carry the game Bryn Forbes on 8 for 12 from the field and scored 22 points so that was kind of the driving factor in the Wind see who else played really tough team to play with Don t divincenzo struggled and it just looks like what see 6 players in the box score in double-digits including Pat connaughton Bobby Portis Bryn Forbes Jrue Holiday Chris Milton and Giannis antetokounmpo.