Bakery in fantastic weekend and hope everyone’s having their fantastic week this week it is Thursday afternoon is getting better outside really cloudy am very snowy so it wasn’t really very exciting mix up for me and really cold and too you know who likes cold the signs were it’s very nice outside you know it’s March it should be getting warmer. Cole. But hopefully that’s last snow snowfall we have until at least November which will be very niceĀ  cuz you’re here at basement remodeling Milwaukee with you like this warmer weather we don’t like being cold people get really cold in our office I’m so sad you off it so we just moved into in this January and if you don’t close all the doors just get very chilly in here and it’s no not pleasant to work with I’m sweeping make sure they close all the doors but you know it’s nice outside we don’t have to worry about that we can have the windows open to which is also very nice when it’s nice and warm the cooler outside and just like last Friday was very nice outside is beautiful have the windows open in the office and it was supposed to work here supposed to be in the office that day.

However we did make sure we close the windows you’re a piece. Basement Remodel Milwaukee when we’re leaving for the weekend just because if you don’t that’s over the desk that we have all the papers and stuff so you make a mistake once a year and you would you learn from our mistakes here basement remodeling Milwaukee always a good thing but you know what I mean discussing the quality of for today. So we going over a few different examples of what makes a good quality you already about as well as examples we have done in the past of quality remember specific ones. So here at basement remodeling milwaukee we have done many project over years and have taken pride in everyone of the basements, bathrooms, or kitchens we have done because our pride in our work matters. If we do not do a good enough job our business will take a hit because of that so we make sure our remodels that we do are to the highest standards and highest quality for our clients.

So give basement remodeling milwaukee a call for a high quality remodel, and take a look at the pictures we have on our website at back to basics builders We got back there like 11:15 11:30 left 11:10 Severe Bakery Valley Milwaukee we have a lot of of projects we’ve done it before but the quality is Top Notch when it comes to any more projects we make sure everything is done correctly and done right because you know if he does not done right with you back and redo it and we don’t want to waste our time going back and we do something we should do it right the first time I called you three miles is shown in the work to be done to all the different projects you know we just won the contact of the Year award on one of our two faces we just did last year and we only applied for one and we won once for batting a thousand you know that’s great post office out there if you know baseball starting in a couple of weeks of myself get a few shots out there but if you never notice but you’re here at basement remodeling Milwaukee there is a lot of quality in the Milwaukee area there is but only on us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee

Is it the best through the remodel we make sure that communication is key with our clients and making sure that it’s going smoothly back and forth making sure our clients get exactly what are those keep saying this but you know here our first priority is the client and make sure that they want is gets done and what they need also gets done how to slide in stoves, the play is the price and you know some of these can try to get the price there are a lot of other contract yet so they could do something cheaper but are you looking for a cheaper and the highest quality are you looking for high-quality but still affordable different price you know we might be a couple thousand off on a few people but the quality work is shown in this few thousand extra dollars you can check us out at basement remodeling Milwaukee Back to Basics Builders and see the difference in love projects that people don’t look at the uniqueness that we have and in our clients and moved on and take a look at other peoples other client other companies and see the difference in the work that each one of them has done I’m not saying that everyone different word same but you don’t we don’t spend four hours their clients each and every day to look over something or go over a proposal Where We Are making sure our clients get exactly what they want begin with Miami do this by asking questions and just speaking to them.

And let me by speaking with them just talking to that figure out what their likes dislikes are you know what is the problem with certain things what and what not you know do they like this style do you like that style do you know what they just like in what they like is a very important part in this industry that way we can help our clients to the best of our knowledge and ability here and that’s how we have quite quality to a making sure that the quality of work is done with the stuff that they want you know we tell me about what we would prefer not to use that company not saying that the projects bad but we prefer this because you know where they’re reliable for us and everything turns out amazing so give us a call.