Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Permits and Hermits?

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Hello this is it guys this is a great day the sun is out it’s shining it’s beautiful outside I’ve been here for almost nine hours straight I’m getting sleepy it’s been a long long day for me I’ve done a lot of math I’ve done a lot of focusing I’ve done a lot of getting things done I’ve been super frustrated at times but I know he Right Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee at work here to try our best To keep our customers happy at we have one of the best teams out there right here to help and we’re here to do what’s great I’m I’ve mentioned in the past that we do extraordinary projects we create then we recreate then recreate then we recreate only to provide a home for a family to create new memories to create new dreams to create new project ideas I’m Back to Basics  oh hi how are youBuilders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to know you need a quality team out on your project today our team has a lot of character and it makes me so happy that our team has become a family we look out for each other were happy to see one another we have weekly meetings where we can’t miss out on one another and if someone’s not here in time to give them a text and say hey where are you what’s going on I’ve you get a quality team a team that cares about one another a team that loves one another and a team that will never leave anyone behind a back-to-basics pillars basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re here to make your project right we set ourselves apart we pay attention in detail we have quality craftsmanship why because we are a quality team at we just started a new project called the agenda it’s a new communication tool that will better your project you can provide us with great detail you can go ahead and put us on your schedules you can plug us into your Google apps for great or grate out what we do we have quality you can go on to our hard drive and check out the agenda and we can review all of these documents within 24 hours of you updating them or we can see you updating them as we stare at them a we’re here to better create you a home and we have the best team to do it and I’ll let me tell you they have three solid guys right now and we’re continuing any just makes me happy that we just hired a Fourth Man and he’s amazing he’s great he’s one of the most fantastic people I’ve ever met we had a great interview together and I can’t tell you how great this person is and he’s been through a lot in his little life he’s very young but he’s ready to work hard and he’s ready to get things done at we support one another no let me tell you we had them A co-worker he has had some car issues and this is how much quality we have within our team and it’s something that I love to talk about because I’ve never worked in a fireman like this when you have a quality team your environment changes because people Are not supposed to act like thermometers we’re supposed to be the thermostats in the environment and start changing things and that is what I’m grateful for our for our team and they’re amazing at it and they work together and their faithful and loyal to one another or not a team that’s out to hurt one another or to progress on one another or to put each other down to make one feel better. we have one of the greatest teams out here they provided quality and they are quality staff and I’m super excited that we get to have such a time as this I’m I love my team of guys that come in here and show up and show out because that’s what we’re created to do has to be a quality of people and I cannot think anybody enough for how amazing businesses and how great the people on the staff truly treats one another it’s somewhere I’d rather be really tell the owners us all the time I’d rather be here than I’m Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee or Trulia team that can work together and get things done and manage things I love it I love that were able to do this and to help one another it makes things just better makes me happier a room I want you to come sign up for your free estimate today we’re headed give you a 15% lower price than any other company out here in the remodeling industry and let me tell you once you meet Joe and Sarah you will not be no let down by any means I’m we have quality people with character I’m right here at to provide it was a hundred percent free consultation in a free estimate at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re here for all your remodeling hands so give us a call at 414-460-0075 and schedule your free estimate today you won’t be let down our team has the most humble around and they’re here to provide you with quality work we are my favorite people a  and it’s what we do for one another we’re here for each other but we’re here for you and your new remodeling project