Okay Sonoma and article number five of the day and I’m hoping to get this one typed out and then maybe this will be my last word that I don’t know I was supposed to see I figure it’ll be able to help I can’t word on Alex’s a couple of things I still want to get done today toggle those done too basement remodeling Milwaukee. I wanted to make sure that I have the kind of sitting out so I’ll get those done still have also waiting to hear back from Maddie if she doesn’t come over then I’m going to still get food hang out or something or if you don’t cook so I just make some chicken nuggets or something nice and 1/2 black Mesa Auto reads out stuff just because like I’m not there during the day that you did it so it took Lee Mason saying they want to eat that stuff. But every now and then that kind of thing sounds good do you realize we got some taquitos from Costco I thought they were disgusting but he likes them so that’s one of those things. So I got if I like her and I found it someone eating it kind of thing. I guess just house is so cool to hear the house in Pewaukee that is 3.4 million dollars and has an indoor lap pool and indoor hot like I don’t know what the point of having that lap pool is because like you can’t like swim swim in it just totally legal out poop butt for tyranny you did but I also like a big help purple select italicize oh my gosh basement remodeling Milwaukee.

That is such a cool little I was just hoping I don’t like I feel bad cuz I just hang in there bath that is insane I’m just looking on Zillow to see it like the most expensive houses and there’s one in like a Pewaukee area that’s like four million dollars and it has a fish tank in their bathroom.The lower the cost up to your knees. broccoli the carpet we could the cat pee poop and plastic carpeting there’s a lot of there’s a lot of old houses cuz I spend my free time Huntsville oh and I like that is so gross. like I don’t know the thought process that those people hat just because I know it looks cool but it’s not like anybody really has somebody to buy that that’s kind of like what’s up oh my gosh listen to the million dollars with the quick kind of looks cut I actually don’t know something now it doesn’t look on the right away text Nicole like when they’re like twins with another tire so quickly I just want left alone bad there’s at least some stuff I would fix her change but like nothing major basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So I can do that’s kind of cool this one 750 in Pewaukee and it’s a huge backyard looks really big on the outside and sometimes it goes next nice houses are so ugly I spent the money and stay like that but I think I start a title I like a nice looking house listen to 1.9 billion. Torrance healing link fireplace and like Tilton’s on both sides I think I would have done like so floating shelves above the built-ins I’ve got a dozen nice out a cigarette right now but not a reason I wanted to create it the way they decorated it. I would have been able to I would have given Line new people the option of like something else I guess. Patrick’s Day do they have a fireplace in their Studio I think it end just want to 4. So I’ll solve it their bathrooms everywhere cuz their bathrooms would look really nice just like cuz they’re all kind of different. Like really modern and unique I really like to 3 leave us the basement that wasn’t very smart was it made for a while but they all look really cool basement remodeling Milwaukee.

That’s for sure it’s just crazy to think that sometimes you feel like he actually has money to afford to build something like that insanely nice and gorgeous but I mean some people can obviously sounds like a school game to this one look like they like stop building it take to take a 2.5 million dollar house and will clearly just I read about it see that’s a new construction it’s next to like I said I really popular neighbor or something it’s a and it’s supposed to like shopping so I don’t it looks cool but it also looks like there’s like a church or something in the house I think it looks really really cool kind of curious like you bought it at the top like fixing at all but I mean whatever obviously they probably just going to forward me anymore so that’s cool just like you’re actually like this one is in Harlem and it’s a three-bed three-bath for about 500 just do a little Brick House like by a lake and it’s actually the next super cute the KitchenAid 3 basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I’m sure a lot of it needs to be redone but it’s a cute looking a house on the outside and on the inside too I think you don’t want to buy a house just have to do is shut down work on it unless I said something that you would want going into it. Some people don’t want to buy a house and just returned model it because of that kind of pizza from to buy a new house. I know some people just want to drink a move-in-ready you like walking and I put your stuff away and be done with it. Where is another verse other people work and live more open to the remodeling in renovations. I definitely would be more open to it I don’t think Mason would like to do any kind of remodeling basement remodeling Milwaukee.