Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Nailing Down The Details

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Hello how are you today how may I help you yes I am looking for a bathroom remodel will you please direct me to your vanities I would love to see the difference in the prices and sizes and the quality of the cabinets I am ready for some minor changes in our bathroom I am ready to change the vanity not the mirror yet and redo the tiles then at the end of summer I will be ready for new kitchen I think that is more realistic than to rush against time and money and start projects we cannot finish I am that person I will start 5 projects and finish one in a year that is why at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I stay in the office and help customers through their steps with open communication Mondays are the hardest days for individuals to wake up but at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we keep it going we keep the coffee brewing we keep the smiles going we keep the sun shining and we see joy to celebrate weekends ending and new weeks beginning so lets browse some ideas for bathroom vanities first off when you google the things they are crazy expensive then you have to investigate is this really what I need is this really what I want have you ever been so frustrated that you cant find what you are looking for well let me show you I have finally found the vanity of choice and I am so excited about it I finally found one that I love I found one that will fit I found one that wont take up all my bathroom space and can provide function my curtains wont dangle in the training potty anymore I will have so much more space and I am so happy about the change so let it begin now that we found the vanity lets tear the old one down! Patch and repaint I cant wait then we can purchase a new mirror and then a new light set and then this summer we can retile the bathtub and we are done! I love my closet I wouldn’t change the closet space because there is a ton and I like doors on my closets my kids are learning to fold my closets don’t look like décor they look like storage so we need to keep it that way at back to basics builders we find what you need we look through so many websites and we look through multiple catalogs and then we finally find what we are looking for and we love it maybe in the fall we will move forward with a kitchen change but for now lets keep it simple with the bath space at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will begin this remodel in march we will first take out the vanity and begin to paint what colors do you like to paint with what are the new colors of 2020 lets take a peek I love the neutral gray colors but im really addicted to the blue at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we use Sherwin Williams paint and let me tell you its quality paint you can explore their website and find different colors that go with different living spaces through your home then you can look through the types of paint and finishes and maybe decide to keep what you have and just upgrade I have learned that I can only modernize and update rooms so much my kids have updated rooms new paint and furniture and window hangings then eventually their will be new carpet however that will not change until my two year old grows up a wee bit I have considered tile and word flooring but I have also learned about prices and cold feet I love carpet and prefer carpet more than a cold wood floor there are so many options for paint the newest suggested paint colors are greys and blues soft plums sometimes I feel so lost with too many options I get so overwhelmed and just stop my projects but this time im growing I am refreshed I have a career and I am ready for new beginnings I am ready for plum and silver bullet at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we can help you choose your vanity and the new hip modern 2020 color that everyone is choosing or we can help you be an individual in society and show you colors that you love that may not be the most modern and we can make them modern to your vision we too are ready to move forward with remodels we love to update homes with remodels to make them look fresh and clean and new we love to see customers happy and sometimes its just in the paint simple changes make beautiful rooms I remember the first time I started really decorating my daughters room holy smokes my husband almost fell to the floor once the paint hit the wall it was a fiesta yes that is the name of the color and I only painted one wall fiesta then we hung huge pink flowers on the walls and added some art and a colorful throw rug she doesn’t have any matching bedding yet since she still has her favorite blankets but let me tell you we added her shade then we added her paint then we added the décor then we added a book shelf then we added a colorful rug that had every shade of pink and fiesta in it my peanut is happy with her room she loves having her independence and choosing what to wear and having it displayed all on her shelves in her bedroom she is in heaven with it all there are some minor adjustments to be made as she grows maybe adding a vanity or a dress up station with a stage those are just a few ideas for her room on the other hand I am having a mural painted this year for my little guy it will be both inspirational and action packed I am so happy to know so many different people who are willing to make my kids part of their lives and happy here at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will help you and your family find the right colors that will fit your room and will help you decide the maintenance.