Add Sophia looking at my update it just happened it’s just cool so now this iPad is updated and ready to go there’s not much else I could do maybe I should make the videos I should continue to be in the Facebook form not too sure though I mean if we check the email and see if I got any responses back from people this person is going to advertising company really not much else basement remodeling milwaukee you can do about that what’s a spark plug but who knows I mean if we look at this door it’s a white six-panel door I believe is what that is called but.  whoever it is white on his pizza and some next door hinges and I spot for handle if you look at the groups that were in me and for the car Facebook we want to keep looking at that I definitely look at like contractors and handyman cuz I will just call somebody they leave the concrete companies here on this person wants all of this this person could definitely give us a call and be like hey we definitely need this free estimates there I don’t know if this person just link their Facebook I don’t really want this Plumbing to do that but there’s a lot of stuff that she would want to do her name is Lauren how much it looks like we are you know there’s a lot going on there but you.

Hershey’s with the plumber but we really need you really need a contractor for that what see where she’s at in the walkie area this person is looks like she is in West Sussex if you want to look we can do it all I don’t really know what she’s doing see what we all have a new we can do the indoor stuff so he’s actually do all the outdoor things but on this person’s roofer you know they need demo crew they need a drywaller they need a painter basement remodeling Milwaukee they also need with see plumber electrician floor on this is something that see what else is lady is 460 we have on the 9th I should merge copy that and then I will paste this I want to see where they’re at I mean it would be nice to get them to the website.  see if we’re trying to do building work on this person has see what they want they want the other is basement remodeling milwaukee next page with the link to the website she’s really cool and see if there’s anybody else that we would need to contact person just wants some painting indoors homeless person will not say what they charge and we definitely don’t need Soffit & Gutter repair we don’t need that there’s window repair is this drywall painting on Mina’s Roofing which is kind of crazy on but other than that yeah I don’t know why people are.

I don’t has how to build a swamp painting which is kind of ridiculous there’s really not much that we can do to recommend these people are just asking for some pump work on this person wants new vinyl flooring which is kinda exciting but that’s all the way up Madison see what else we have we have if you look to see the person just asking lumber prices here’s a new article that looks exciting lumber prices May soon start to go lower on clear at record highs see this is a big thing see a lot of people are wanting to build basement remodeling milwaukee .

Right now because they know that the lumber prices are going to go down soon so I don’t eat donuts this person needs a handyman to replace a tub surround which on that’s more than we need Brew City REI for what where right there I just looked up the Brew City REI Club I don’t really know what the REI is how much is an investment whatever don’t really know what that is put on I still will be a little bit right at least we try to keep this for a divider we can always move it whichever way we need to but at the door I was just my desk will be like all but it will still have that that Loop right here with this one yeah then then I don’t I don’t care then because yeah with this task would be just like I drink I mean I drink a lot of food I got to pee all the time so every time I have to go not somebody too bad then anyways if we keep talking about this the way this was built with some cock a lot of things that we can do about it I was really excited about my Facebook post because I want to get to 1000 views and I don’t really know how to do that I got it up to if we look at the rows on the basement basement remodeling Milwaukee

It was a post on that that can make it look you know we have 334 people reached by the end of the day I want to get 4 4500 Joe will probably have to share it and go from there you don’t from there I don’t really know what else you could do you know so it’s pretty exciting that this is going to do I did notice some more more views of me to jump talk about you know 30 or 40 this morning just for me posting it on that group I need to get I definitely need to get into another building group I don’t basement remodeling milwaukee want to be in this anymore I can leave the group there we go I will leave this group sorry what’s a 2 what’s the other okay Facebook relax this one is pretty much done all I can leave this group to which will be pretty good you know it’s really nothing else anybody ever Post in there anymore anyways it’s exciting to look at you know when I Got Talent I’m just looking try to find leads that way.