All right so I might as well start getting work on some of these undo a bunch of stuff I was exciting and now let’s just see where we’re going to go from there and that’s really take a long time to charge man Village of me and Carolina Style with character version something like that would be kind of cool I believe so. Basement remodeling Milwaukee so if we look at the let’s go back to MLB scores and we’re on round tables for a while there but the Moby scores if we go to the scores see what kind of things you were talking about yeah he have a bias things absolute insanity what’s a the Brewers play the Nationals Brett Anderson is going to go up against Jon Lester should be oh hi how are you doing i dont really know what else to type about but oh well as i keep typing i guess it will just come to me.

Good games with go to yesterday’s game the brutal did Padres intended things and see who did well for the Brewers I think new pick up indominus is playing really well he would 445 or 4 be eyes yesterday he is a double and a homerun that’s awesome so so far I think Now official he’s got more production and went 4 for 4 with two strikeouts and a walk and that’s not going to get it done of the leadoff spot Maceo Garcia 1244 item leave when I’m faced trash out with over 1 with 1 left on base any Pina officially recorded that bad but he did walk twice until 8:28 so that’s a good thing to see basement remodeling Milwaukee. If you look go down a little bit custom hero I went over forward 2 strikeouts I mean how much more to say about that still not seeing the ball well Louise tree is 1/5 with two strikeouts Jackie Bradley jr. actually recorded the head he could strike up twice we did record a hit great to see Dana basement remodeling milwaukee Robertson 1142 Kolten Wong in a pinch-hit appearance went 1 for one you sent to 73 prior best header back 1/1 and Christian Yelich did come in on Monday walked he struck out left when I’m paste but he did score run ask for pictures a dream house working out of better for what we expect of him he went five innings give up no runs struck out four.

Richard’s the new guy from Tampa Bay went to winnings gave up three runs 3 strikeouts Tory Devon Williams came in and struggled to one of those two guys who pitched three Innings gift seven hits and five earned runs on Josh Hader came in which one in his truck at 1 and Brent Suter in the tent pitched one inning walk one but still got the win Tucson to San Diego side on their Bullpen Craig stammen I think his name is basement remodeling milwaukee¬† he’s actually a very good relief pitcher he struggled yesterday which is kind of rare to see good forces career Angel by Don Knotts by 19 Emilio forgot I’m guessing this is can’t do that bad baby into that great I’m feeling better line up Tommy Pham 1245 character profile 1/4 Krone worth 104 print out talk to you see that it’s going to talk to his thing he went 243 here Cosmo and 245 of those two guys they combined for four runs batted in. We go down a little bit more minutes highlight a pinch-hit double it looks like against Devin Williams all those prepaid for the rest of line up was pretty basement remodeling milwaukee uneventful but still good win for the Brewers I think they are at right at 500 at the end of the month if we look the Mets beat the Rockies 1 off in three hits for both teams this was definitely a pitching duel all it only went seven Innings so must have been part of a doubleheader don’t worry Francisco Lindor didn’t get a hit Jonathan Villar did he went 1 for to McKinney from the Brewers went over to I guess they put them in right away Stroman the see pitched six Innings gildo run struck out three and Edwin Diaz came in and shut the door Marquez fits really well for the Rockies but wasn’t enough of the brackets for item no run support the only guys I can run support were McMahon.

Where I’m at the man thinking things right McMahon. He always she always does hey basement remodeling Milwaukee all that work center story going to hit and the Pitcher got to hit some other Greek you little bit super boring to watch the second game of the doubleheader the Mets won again Francisco Lindor 1143 PR 1143 McKinney 11422 runs in a wok if we keep looking now not much more happen Cameron Maybin 1/3 Joey Lucchesi you went 3 2/3 with 100 run has basketball been battle for both teams looks like the Rockies bet you know.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee I’ve begun to the Phillies first the Marlins brother than that not much going on in that lineup what’s a rattle paste really good Spencer Howard went for an instructor of 4 5 and 560 are in the year Alvarado did Emma blown save but he also got the win so good for him pitching for Miami still look pretty good it just didn’t hold up for the entire game Jimmy Garcia but good relief pitcher look at Miami’s team Jesus Aguilar to pinch-hit RBI I don’t know whatever is is Ciara I don’t know Dickerson 1/3 Cooper though went 141 with an RBI Adam Duvall how do you know he was on that team because he just beat me he can have some home runs did not know voice tears of 4 isan Diaz from the Brewers love you not playing good not good heading for the Marlins. If you have questions about getting started today reach out by dialing our number. We can’t wait to help you design your beautiful new basement! It’ll also increase your home value!