Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Doing the Right Thing

This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Lets be real lets talk reality lets sit and talk about space have you ever sat and measured your space have you ever sat and thought what can we fit in this space what can we do to open the space up what can we do to brighten the day how can we move forward with this project what can we do to make things easier what can we do to make space what can we do to bring life to a compact small kitchen well I sat down this afternoon and pondered so many different thought I saw what I could do but I don’t know how to do it I don’t know what is best this is when back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee comes in and helps us they organize our thoughts they what I need and they are willing to help me through it I have never been so frustrated in my life with my kitchen and have thought and looked at so many pictures I am not using some of my space because its out of reach I don’t know what is in some cabinets because I need to be on a chair to see what I need sometimes I look over things and buy duplicates I need a functional kitchen in a small space I can re do my kitchen in so many ways that I ponder so many thoughts I have two options of cabinets I rather stay with wood a worn wood then I want a farm house sink with blues and turquoise all around I love cows around my microwave instead of cabinets I would love to put up shelves and add décor and fill baskets with different objects like plastic wear and ziplocks and then I would love to add flowers and cowbells and jars with jams and jellys that I make with the kids or a cookie jar with delicious warm cookies from the oven I would be in heaven I would love to have space on my wall to do such a thing maybe even have a fruit basket on part of the shelf with cook books function I need space to function I want a coffee bar lets take out the cabinets I don’t use and add one that I can use I would be so happy at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee they can come and do a free estimate they can manage a small kitchen update for 15,000.00 it’s a steal cabinets run 5,000.00 let just imagine what we could do with what we have tear it down!!! Paint sell the hutch and get a new one that is much smaller and can add some color to the room I would love worn wood cabinets just a few I only need a few then I would demo myself take them down with no help but from my mom and at back to basics basement remodeling Milwaukee I can demo trust me I will have my kitchen emptied out ready to go patched and painted I am ready I know I have a plan let me dream now let me create my board of design let me consider the summer as a time to improve my home and a time of spring to rid the old a time to clean and sprout the new I cannot wait I am ready I have a plan I am prepared this weekend I will walk around the cabinet store and I will declare the cabinets I want I will walk around the entire store and declare installation fees be waived and I will declare discounted prices half off clearance 70% off prices I am ready for my recovery I am ready to rebuild my home I am ready for this change I am ready to plan I am ready to learn I am ready to spend hours on you tube I am ready to help back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee my space I am ready to enjoy a functional haven where my family can create new memories my board will begin this weekend I am going to wake up refreshed I will get my babies ready I will dress for the day I will drink coffee I will go to the cabinet store I will define my likes and dislikes I will carry out my plan I have spent so many years hiding in darkness I will rise and I will conquer my project I will add tile to my floor next year I will do these this when you care for your home the lord will bless it and when he does it is with abundance now I just need to call back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee they will help me they will understand what I want to do and they can give me an estimate of my project I know who can paint that me I can paint I can patch and I can sand I am out with the old and in with the new life will be great life will come anew when someone goes through hell in their lives sometimes the only comfort they have is improving and back to basics builders understand this they know when people have hit rock bottom and cannot get up and they are in a pruning process to only be blessed with greatness this is the time and place where I am this is it this is growth this is excitement this is my life I write my story with the help of a king I am ready lets look at some furniture lets look at ikea they have affordable prices and can manage to fit 100 people around a 8 foot table they have extreme talent with small space lets take a look at the one table I love it definitely needs to be a bit cheaper but its perfect for the smallest of spaces be logical lets take steps back and see where the money is going is it on furniture is it on paint is it on shelving is it on the rebuilding of the cabinets is in on the flooring is it the cabinets or counter tops is it on the materials and the tools are you better of going with subcontractors or do you want to continue being part of the project I think I struggle with this option and back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee is great at pin pointing small projects for families to feel included then there’s just handing over the entire project to the remodeler and saying hey make it happen and hope there are no obstacles in the way what is best for you is best for back to basics builders we will make it happen