All right since I got nothing else better to do I’m just going to start keep doing these I mean if it’s the best use my time I think at 1 I mean whenever they get back I might want to break I don’t know what I really basement remodeling Milwaukee want coffee places right downstairs see what the coffee shop is. Stone Creek Stone Creek Coffee lawsuit that’s all about go look at the Stone Creek Coffee menu I mean I’m sure they have like little pastries and stuff but I don’t know if that’s what it’s going to do for me I need to talk to you it’s better than that Rockstar but it’s just a little bit too much right now so look at their menu great I love cookies it says so hope we could basement remodeling Milwaukee see they just have coffee that’s about it so.  I if you a we’ll be downstairs or something look at this one that was super quick as well those so quick what happened Kyle.  when you at you were in and out of there you’re in and out of there you were out there so quick I guess today while you were gone I got I dream of 100 appointment for Friday a phone call at 10 no no no come on and I got to call another one back at 3 cuz she was in something just told me to call her back then do you want to call them add today Joe blue me up while you were gone what.  we were that’s Monday Remember random time I think middle of the day appointment no afternoon.

Ashton do it late in the day why I didn’t see it on there and Kim’s hard to get ahold of her proposal, is going to suck so I can go to the estimate of my own you want me to do I know that one’s going to kind of suck so probably good one to go to on my basement remodeling Milwaukee own.  yeah I met 29 calls I think that’s my record cheap go Blue me up at.  Sanders or Joe so you can text me. Who else has a bunch of time oh yeah and then Harry called for Joe to call me back about 8. Put him on the schedule for hard way Tuesday morning at 9:30 but I try to be there for something.  take it up with you I can’t you guys have a better relationship with Judith what do you mean color you want me to get up with 30 calls today Kyle how many I’ll be at 30 30 in a day I forgot to tell her about that 9:30 can Sorry I look like a mess LOL I have to pick up sticks in the yard and Open.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee they’re just taking measurements right on Tuesday Kyle he is checking All right I’ll color hi Judith this is Ryan from Back to Basics builders good so I’m just calling to let you know we got a hold of our HVAC guy and he’s able to come take a look at everything next Tuesday at 9:30 right.  and no worries he was able to just get back to us today about that so yep yep she just needs to be able to get access to the house not necessarily okay we will yes so we will be there on Tuesday all right.  God’s perfect dip yep nope it is Dave Perry’s Heating and Cooling I believe yes if you look update. You’ll see if you look it up on Google you’ll see it and we’ve been working with them for years so basement remodeling Milwaukee perfect Judith was a little thrown off by the news but she was able to hold it. Convert.

All that going on and then I think I got to be at 7 done for the day so I’m going to be exciting but other than that.  always have to do like a.  probably at 1 I’m going to go in a break see we’re at Theron I don’t know what I want to do if we have to go to the.  do you know there do you know the new address something to do that before with Edible Arrangement used column up and they can change it but what time will it be delivered.  she said that somebody will be there on Tuesday her or Dan just cuz they keep changing their mind on what they want so she said I don’t want something estimated that doesn’t need to be or vice versa sounds good we’ll see you then.  Yeah.  color you okay.  are you okay Serta loud noise I got worried stop the fridge go on new or something I don’t know why it’s something little stubborn.  however we of the Oilers are coming out I kind of with David but basement remodeling Milwaukee going to new again soon I think that’s my guy do you get that one Kourtney Kardashian who did Roberto Luongo will deter barkov Amber’s not really want rows to go through and then.

I don’t know what is trending on Twitter below at the see maybe that’s why probably but if Barb is also trending in the Sports World then we’ll see why I need to do before 14 for no reason I get off at 1 hopefully this year we can see that there is a I don’t really know what I want to drink some kind of like for the commands available is somebody that can play in the NBA I really know basement remodeling Milwaukee if that’s going to be the case but.  Hubbard is nice to imagine if they are able to do that I know it’s Monday but it feels like a Friday since somebody on the center real statement I don’t believe really get what’s happening over in. the  but I don’t too sweet I’m going on so on my way to get there the only person I know I’m probably cuz I have nothing else better to do I understand other things.