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This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Dear friends and family I am looking at another project this week! I am here to help you and do great things! Basement remodeling milwaukee has done some crazy amazing remodels I have not been part of the remodeling project but I have been part of the before and after. I have seen the greatness of our work. is a great for the outdoors.  is a place where I like to be. I know this week I have so many thoughts going on around me and in my brain and I just really need to get them out and put them on paper I know that there is quite a few things that I am just really excited to be moving forward with and   is a place where I can hang my heart and it’s a place where I can come in and I can think about my family and not be too distracted from work to focus. Basement remodeling Milwaukee has always been a great support and has always been there for us and trialling of times and let me tell you this past month has been one of the most trying of moments in my life. I have come through grief I have come through withdrawals from a antidepressant that was used for pain and it made me sleep and I didn’t want it to anymore cuz I would just sit at work and want to take naps on the couch all the time. But reality is I had to work and my kids needed a mama that could run and plan jumping twirl and all sorts of fun stuff. I chose to tolerate pain rather than be drowsy everyday. Back to Basics Builders was a place where I could work and was John and Sylvia part of my family in multiple rows as a wife as a mother as a friend as a daughter and as a granddaughter.Basement remodeling Milwaukee and has been there for us and has been doing great things for us. We are doing amazing things here at Back to Basics Builders . It was a great day here at basement remodeling Milwaukee.  I was able to come to work and have some coffee I was able to eat some snacks and move forward with some remodeling project me and Back to Basics Builders has been strong here it has been a whirlwind of a month for me and I have been deathly sick and now it’s the turning point of moving forward and doing even greater things here and I am really excited to be a part of a team that can work together and build strength off of one another and to continue to do great things. I had some time to think about my grandpa’s new remodel here and we’re updating our homes and I’m just building his home to accommodate his lifestyle and his life changes at 82 years olds sometimes life gets a little more harder I know it’s hard to keep up with the accommodations that we may need. Basement remodeling Milwaukee has been so kind they have given me some great ideas to help my grandpa be strong and to keep his independence. is always a great place to be and a great place to share and a great place to communicate with one another. I have been contemplating how to keep my grandpa safe and how to keep everyone else safe during this time and it’s tough it really is. My grandpa’s and Elder obviously he’s lives next door and I’m planning their 14th wedding anniversary I don’t know given his physical abilities this is going to be in the past or if this is going to be a beginning to another decade of wedding anniversaries for him. The while working here I learned that when life is here appreciate it a celebrated and continue doing great things. If it wasn’t for basement remodeling Milwaukee honestly I don’t know if my Grandpa would be safe right now if he would be able to walk through his hallway without falling or if he would be able to get out to his car to work on it yes he still works on his car. has always been a great help and has always been there for us. and is a place to be in a place to have knowledge and wisdom it’s a place where you can Implement these things and create safe places for those you care . remodeling isn’t just about creating new it’s about supporting the olds and when I look at my house I see the old I see the old frame I see the old memories I see the old people of the past and I look forward to New Beginnings. has actually taken a look around my basement and they have, they’ve seen my grandparents yard and it’s tough. We want people to have their independence but we want to keep them here forever it’s a toss between giving them their dignity and wanting them to live here with us. The end of life always become selfishness and always becomes a tug-of-war between what we want and what they those that are aging want. As a Native American I have been I have been raised to care for my elders and I have been taught to cherish them they are my elders and they are wise. has been a great help and keeping me solid and stable in all my thoughts and ways here because it gets tough it gets hard it’s something that you don’t want to face it something that you don’t want to deal with. You just want to bombard the house with Clorox and scrub their floor with pledge and you want to put cute paintings on the wall and you want to open their windows and air it all out. Basement remodeling Milwaukee has been an amazing place for us we love it we love that we can do great things and that we can cherish each other and that is what I want and that is what I will continue to do.