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When you are remodeling a home what do you want to budget and what do you want to spend. I have seen so much on youtube of how to make your home better with small different upgrades. I love that i can always go to local hardware store and i try to do my best with what i can budget. Since i have started working with back to basics builders and learning new things every day i have updated my kitchen cabinets and I have painted the counter top. We used a weathered gray for stain and a diamond finish for the counter top. We are doing great different updates for the new home look. Lets talk a little bit about bathroom remodeling i know that i struggle because remodeling can be so tough and it can be great but really what are we going to do with the space that we have and what do we want to see with it. This year i am looking forward to some great remodeling projects. Basement remodeling milwaukee i always find little things wrong or in the way prior to my project. And when i look at these different little mishaps i dont know if i wnat to continue with the project or rip down the whole bathroom and start over. Do i want to keep what i have and just makeĀ  it better? These are questions that back to basics builders has all the answers to. We provide a free orientation here at back to basics builders. We found this to be the best intro to all projects here. Back to basics builders is a place that likes to include great ideas and suggestions for those going through remodeling projects. We try our best ot alert all of our customers about possible lasya and how to avoid the frustration of them happening. At back to baics builders we can help decide if there needs to be recessed toilet paper holders or not. I know i need it and i want to add a larger recessed toilet paper holder once i start remodeling the bathroom. I though about closing up the space but then i t would be a bigger project then necessary. So i rather just cut the wall for my toilet paper holder to go. I love the new and fresh ideas i have for my bathroom remodel. And i cannot wait to start it! I know i am on hold until spring and i cannot stand it! we are trying to hurry this process up and make great projects from it. I am super happy and excited to always move forward with great ideas but then i get lazy. Its never any good for my home remodeling projects. At basement remodeling milwaukee i love that i can always do grea things and make things happen. I love the look of some new modern recessed toilet paper holders i love the wood and the trim around a toilet paper holder maybe a shelf but i would feel like i would neet to clean the darn thing over and over again. How does your toilet paper hang in your bathroom does it roll over or under and do you prefer recessed tp holders? These are things to consider when you have a remodeling project. I never thought about it until i started doing these projects myself. Like no way but yes way its terrible. I hate thinking about the problems before hand but then i am reminded of the problems being simple to solve. I love that we can always move forward with fun ideas. Basement remodeling milwaukee there are son many fiferent ideas you can have and some of these ideas need to be on paper and organized. It helps when you create a new space. Basement remodeling milwaukee i have recessed toilet paper holder and i have a towel bar that matches the tile in the shower and i hate it! I hate that i have to wait to fix my bathroom. I just want it all done right now. I am a bit excited about doing more and more in my home and i love that i can keep doing great things here at back to biascs builders. Basement remodeling milwaukee would you patch the hole or would you prefer to have a space that you can use a recessed toilet paper holder. I am not sure what i want to do yet. I am definitely leaning toward recessed toiletpaper holder i think they can be a great touch of color and they can be a great use of space but i just get frustrated with the options. I just want to add a super cute touch to my bathroom and it turns into cutting and sawing and making more mess. I really get nervous basement remodeling milwaukee when it comes to using power tools and turning off power to the toilet. Like please just leave it alone! I love my bathroom and i love that i can use it anytime i don’t want to run and find another project to do and lose my outlet. I’m sure the recessed toilet paper holder won’t cause so much trouble. I just think of all the things that might be considered in the remodeling project. I love that I can find some fun stuff and do great things with these projects. Basement remodeling milwaukee, if you are ready to discuss the small to the big things in your home lets schedule your estimate today! You can call at 414-460-0075 and schedule a time that works for your schedule. Back to basics builders would loc to discuss your dreams and move forward with your projects. Give us call and schedule your free estimate today. You can also check us out at and we can help you with all of your remodeling project needs. Check out our website and get a feel for our testimonials fill out the contact page and let us know if we we are a goog fit for you. Let us know about your dream remodeling project let us know the small details that you would love to help you with your remodeling project. Check us out and learn what we are all about. You will learn quick we are a family owned business that focuses on character. We love that we can help everyone do great things here at back to basics builders.