Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | New Flow Time?

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Hello everyone thanks for the tune in at Back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are here today to do great things and we live for greatness at we are here to teach you how to reuse what you have or use someone else’s trash to better purpose your home style at I have learned so much that I can honestly say I have preferred used over newly bought items at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I suggest you try it to add a little sense of personality to your project for example I remember having a table with leafs at my grandmas house growing up and then I found one very similar today the drop leafs are gorgeous and I cant wait to pick it up tomorrow after 6pm and start my new project at I am going to finish my kitchen much later than expected but I know I will be able to create a beautiful thing at learned how to do many things one of the projects I plan to work on this week is to refurbish a table and chairs am super excited to do such a project I have yet to determine if I am going to paint or stain it at I am going to be so happy once this darn ole kitchen is finished can someone help me out please so how do I stain well I definitely cannot use a paint brush that’s a forsure no I know that I can strip and sand what I need to sand with I really don’t know but I will learn on this project at we are going to finish some fun stuff as we go along through the house and tackle projects at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I bought this kitcen table and chairs I don’t know how to continue but I do know I need stripper so I will start there this wekened what is the best stripper does any one know what is the need for stripper well I guess you really need to rid the old stain on the table to create a new look makes sense right but let me tell you rule of thumb you must need to use gloves as you use stain at back to basics builders basement remodeing Milwaukee I was using stain at my house one time and let me tell ou it super was terrible why because my nails peeled for weeks I finally had to go to a nail shop and they fixed it for me at I was able to have a great fancy nail treatment and pampering  but then I realized that it wasn’t worth it all in the end to prevent it I could have worn some gloves at back to baiscs builders basement remodeling miwlaukee please wear gloves and prevent all necessary hindrance to your physical being the next step would be to sand what grain do use to sand with when you are sanding for furniture I am not sure i honestly have no idea but I will learn im sure I can use a course grit then a fine grit I don’t think we need a lot of grit right id not know im not sure but maybe I can ask home depot I know for sure that I need to strip then sand what to do next im not quit sure hmm maybe we can move on to the actual stain I am most likely going to finish the top with a similar color to that of my windows and finish it with painting the bottom half of the table and chairs then I can add gray padding to the chairs to bring it all together I am happy and I am very excited for this project at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I get excited a lot about many different projects I have so much fun planning them with my kids and husband lets see what elsei can add to the project how about wall décor and accessories well let me tell you I am happy to hang my pictures and to continue with some super fun stuff I love my weekend and I love that I can carry on with my projects at back to not only do you want to strip and sand but you want to lay the stain and varnish next yes you want to sand between the varnish and you want to do well with it to prevent the bubbling of the product the wood does breathe at all times so the wood of the product does try to breathe as the varnish sets in causing bubbling all you have to do is sand with a fine grit then you move on to the next layer of varnish you can continue to up to three coats or more while varnishing however it is up to the owner of the product at the time of service I look forward to staining and painting my table  I am not sure how It will look but I definitely look forward to working with it at  we do our best to make our products great so give us a call to schedule your estimate today at 414-460-0075 you can also reach out to us at and we can call you at our convenience at back to basics builders we are so happy to move forward with all of our projects so give us a call to start your basement remodeling project today at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are here for you and all of your remodeling project needs we are a small family owned business we have been around for over six years and we continue to make our customers a priority with our great integrity and dependability we are always making sure that our customers are provided with great satisfaction and we move forward with all of our remodeling projects to help you and your remodeling project needs at we want you to know that we care and that we can do great things for your basement remodeling project so reach out to us today and help us with our business flow at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are here for you