All right so here we go and see when they’re I don’t know what that was. There’s a super cool gym bag I don’t want makes us a women’s gym bag as opposed to a men’s gym bag that I definitely don’t understand usually no reason why there any different either way headphones are really cool I’ll be honest I’m a lot of really cool stuff in this little package you know there’s two shorts there’s the the red tank top or some shorts with the bag I don’t know why these flip-flops are so expensive I mean I mean I’ll be honest they are super cool but I don’t think I need them for $65 wounded would you use $65 slides for they are my size. We keep looking basement remodeling Milwaukee LG’s Market wow these headphones are $200 these wireless headphones are $200 so and I really cool all the stuff I like a cool case I would want to get think it’s like a keychain but the others would definitely go on my the deathly go in my ears how much are airpods how much do airpods cost on even know if you want to shopping you can get on $128 okay so there are a lot cheaper than what the pro has the Phillies are essentially the parole on their Wireless basement remodeling milwaukee

But if you look at them with see if they see if I can actually talk this actually might be at the headphones that I want to get on those shoes are super cool man all the restaurants I don’t think I need these headphones are like game and headphones I don’t think I need those but I mean for $200 I can’t tell if it’s a good deal or what I probably won’t do it but other than that though that looks like about it I can look up project Rock headband is what I want to look up because I know what he’s got some cool yet he’s got this cool tie headband down want to get it’s only 20 bucks so it’s definitely nothing wrong with its record says Mahna on it that is the type of add phone all morning this bag is mega super huge this is a project Rock 60 bag I mean there’s a lot of cool stuff on here but I don’t think I like that color but you did all black that would be really cool does it matter if I have my baby.  I’m ready to beg to say bigger than that so basement remodeling Milwaukee

I definitely order out at Target online oh my god look up Target and see what I could get, see like what’s the closest Target to here use my current location from the law targets use my on the closest one is West Milwaukee we can look at these sour strips and see what we got there because the ones by me are on a stock here’s the blue raspberry ones and they’re not sold at I don’t want to Chase’s butt see what other store I could do I mean there’s West Allis we can do see where we’re at here New Berlin only has two left pick up at New Berlin New Berlin has those which would be kind of cool I’ll probably buy those on Thursday and just hopefully they last that long cuz those look awesome I don’t know why we can’t get Shelby sour strips honey I will drive how far is Brookfield 1 I don’t think a Brookfield stores that close from here tomatoes are so looking good for me but look at that bones in the see what people have to say about these headphones on from Project Rock because I know that see where at here Lake Buda basement remodeling milwaukee shopping any of those at best bargain you ridiculously expensive agree with these all these other sites have cheaper stuff I don’t really want use headphones though there are some pretty cool why would somebody want use headphones

But I do want to hear see the see whatever not the loudest I see what else we have on the kanzi well they don’t want to use the data are the carrying case which is kind of ridiculous but.  I keep going there is the terrible don’t by Simon Says wow all don’t always all connected fine sounds like you just got some bad ones he really likes this one so that’s good amazing at first line once they do they work really well just pretty good sounds good they have really mixed reviews basement remodeling milwaukee what’s the a lot of people really like these headphones than other people are kind of in the middle of it, look up to Progressive overload is gradually increasing your weight play footsie safest way to progress which is pretty good you want to hurt yourself wow so we can get your going to go up a little bit increase mileage and running and running is pretty known for I am Progressive overload which is good how to do a little bit of how to do a little bit of that workout today but other than that nothing crazy on my own getting pretty hungry I’m going to look up I’m we can look at the the plateau here it is right here they’re talking about.

We heading back in will be I guess we can go from see the food that they want me to eat but avoid like pry processed foods at of course basement remodeling Milwaukee but I’m not too worried so if we go from I mean I’m sure I can look at the average amount of carbs that I’ve been eating for a week and we can probably do the math paste on that so it is kind of interesting. What tere is no way but as i was saying it is more difficult to reintroduce those things because it can make you get back to the way you were.