Testing testing a little hello. Perfect that I’m we talkin about refurbishing Furniture. I fell asleep couple times in the past so I thought I’d be able to get ideas to do a whole article on it. Where is he and I got the box move is it open what do you need help with? basement remodeling Milwaukee okay I don’t I don’t see him in the hall you don’t think he went in the other offices so that I think they’re all locked oh use those as distractions. that’s good thinking page. where else could he be you don’t know is he in the kitchen no is he in the office like? did you find them who would you have found it without the help oh.So I’m going to be talking about furniture refurbishing. A couple years ago I bought this dining table off of Facebook Marketplace. It was in a town near my parents I would say I think. I don’t remember exactly where it was but it was at a garage sale. And the woman who was selling it with her karate like spear great-grandmother’s dining table with the square just kind of circle table with a really kind of horny vase. And go get lunch I forgot to get one for today yeah I don’t know I keep ready to start going to Pick n Save or something. but they oh that’s so fun all saved you think you fit in the chip basket cuz that would be a funny hiding spot yeah Kyle wouldn’t find you the chip basket cut that use that table as like I think the prop for a while. She said that I think they used it for like a play or something for their kids basement remodeling Milwaukee.

so it was painted a bunch of different colors and not sure exactly like what colors it was painted but I know the guy that was standing at all. That was quick to fool you did he Sager to got its hide and seek I need to help you find a hiding spot you member how bad I was at hide and seek I was looking at but the doors are okay wait are there any in here start up a little. I was While I was sending it down I found like multiple layers of paint. They’re going to dark green and brown orange and Link add some sort. There’s a lot of layers but I was able to say in majority of it off. That I was able to paint it as well as stain it. Basically what I did was I painted the base as well as the base of the chairs all white and then I stained the seat of the chair as well as half of the table. So that worked out really good and I think that it turned out really nice. I actually ended up selling it to past year for $75 and I paid 25 for it basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So that was nice that I made a little bit of a profit, considering that wasn’t like the nicest table in the entire world Berry was kind of poor quality especially after I mean we tried to the rainforest in the table was like leaning and I don’t know they pay you never message me back. Case age go count closest right there I was going to put her through the whole of it we’re going to have to tell her to put a what’s a chair under the door handle can’t see from here where does he live 84th and Brown Deer pretty close to where we are going today all the time out there apparently don’t oh okay I thought you were looking for some help so nothing that’s why I shut the door on you I did not appointment appointment everything with my time like that candy right there that I appointment I’m not going to get up and get any but I’m thinking about it I’m not going to reflexive girl Kyle’s. You are fine a really good hiding spot but I have one there’s is oatmeal I don’t know what the brand is no I found this one that’s like actually pretty good for you it’s only a hundred calories and it’s really yummy I like you I love you I like the Banana 1 I don’t like the apple cinnamon.Don’t call my leave Mark out of it basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I said you know you don’t want any carpet though in like the laundry room of course yellow white carpet it’s cuz she’s like.Wait so long does Mike like any of the guys on the team Mark if he likes any of them she’s a hard worker. it’s a little what’s up for you he’s like you know we have to think outside the box but I’d really like to get good at baseboards they only let me cut Warmboard and I really wanted to cut the holes word but there is nothing reminds me of almost very factual And I’m going to try and get this one finished basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So I’ve only got about a hundred fifty words left so I just want to that. But I also get another refurbishing Furniture. I bought an old dresser and I recruited. Because I wanted up dresser to put like a lot of my t-shirts and shorts all the clothing in. But a lot of money for one because dressers temp to be kind of expensive. So I found this cheap $20 dresser on Market Place again and I bought it I send it all the way down. There’s actually thought more Pina this one that he was a tiny table was helping green paint blue paint. It was going through every color you can imagine. I just want to bring it down 2 the natural wood sand it down and I painted it all bright white. And I put some of my drawer liner on the inside basement remodeling Milwaukee.