All right and clean the glasses my eyes already starting to kind of hurt back that this needs to be there goes right so we just keep this little cloth that I really do start to hurt while I’m using these basement remodeling milwaukee on if you look these are super dirty the real ones is all right so I’m putting these I’m halfway to work to see what we need to do here things I should look up the or look up though or if these glasses damage your eyes at all but I do like to use them cuz my eyes will get kind of sore and all that fun stuff so there’s that I just wonder if he’s done for the day so that I can see you around when I click on the see if I click on the building Instagram all these people posting nothing that exciting but I do want to get it off my screen we go back to Right on Google here I can look up this basement remodeling a lot of these pictures to come from Pinterest so

That’s a good idea this is a small theater room seems like a pretty standard thing when it comes to all of these other than that there’s not much going on if you look let’s when does have Batman Begins and that’s a pretty cool color scheme if we look at the where they have the TV set up on the way I would do it then don’t have to have a small room so I’m not going to red giant house when I first start I’m debating about new projector or I am debating if I would do a projector or a or screen I basement remodeling milwaukee guess I could do like the Rob has words, like the frame and then there’s the screen I know I probably look pretty good I’m as well as you know just having to take up my wall and things like that I’ll never be pretty cool and I don’t have some chairs similar to what they have here I would want you know if you work liners I probably just need to let you know look at coach that just has you know what to you know what the Lord case end lowercase that is that’s the type of or an H without the top part on that’s what I would probably do it for a couch does it supposed to rain basement remodeling milwaukee

Which is ridiculous keeps going down a bigger basement which is what I would want I would just want my whole basement to be I’m Theater which would be really cool I don’t even think my girlfriend would attest to that I’m sure she knows that’s like my dream to have when I’m older is tabby have a basement with all that stuff in it cuz I can or if you look at this when you know you have the basement just regular but you look in the room next to it that’s where you see a bunch of theater stuff I’m in my feed a crowd watch sports with route do all that stuff you know I have my speakers my surround-sound everything will be perfect on my walls I probably paint like a dark gray then like I said I would do what I do has and just do the do the frame and can I have the projector screen on the projector blast on the bat Hound that I probably have the best look up projector screen you can do a lot basement remodeling milwaukee bigger than you normally get for just the regular screen I do like the curved screens but most of these you know you see like a smaller room they have some pretty cool lights on and I don’t want any lights I’m definitely just having bold damned on the same Outlet clear that I don’t know how do you want to finish this but it’s what it is out have to do it you know you get the framing done on weekend you get the how do you get the drywall the next and if you do an insulation all you do the framing and you throw some insulation on Slappey pretty good.

I don’t know how you do it I think it just stays in there, and obviously you drill the drywall into the frames and then you would potty the the holes that the nails make so it’s pretty sweet you know so it looks uniform and then you know you had to walk extra to which is what I would do you have to add wall texture I believe on the nothing too crazy what I would do is you know what to do at the wall texture that you paint it dark gray and then maybe if you really want to you can put like the black pad on the outside you know and then a to put the drywall you paint the line you put the black patent that you would any audio Booth, then you probably look her in over it would be kind of cool you said you light up at the top and that’s about it beautiful that sound up for the ceiling

I think you’d have to do drop ceiling in that room just because I think it’ll probably give you your best sound the floor I think you have to do carpet cuz it’s absorbed the sound I’m it basement remodeling milwaukee would sound great in there the Acoustics would just be really hot and then building its rounds on you of some 2 in the back when you have two in the front that we just awesome so that would be my dream you know theater room but we will see how many probably won’t happen if I work hard enough make some money you never know what can happen it would be really cool basement remodeling milwaukee though and the ceiling and like I said I had to drop ceiling home Ashley do pretty good when it comes to the sound I’m pretty sure you can put lights in the drop ceiling I don’t know why you wouldn’t examples like this the white drop ceiling that people have on my with the other you put the can.