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Good morning I’m so happy it’s still morning and I’m sipping coffee because I feel like my brain has not begun a back-to-basics filters basement remodeling Milwaukee we are currently updating some spaces were definitely demaline restarting new projects next week and it’s beginning to be exciting we have a lot to do a lot to get done We started about a month-and-a-half ago dating our kitchen and so far we have only got the lacquer on the door is we’re still waiting to apply lacquer on the kitchen cabinets I know that time is not necessarily the most important thing however I can tell you if you start at home projects to be prepared for chaos actually any remodeling project let’s be honest when you start demoing traffic is real really fast and it sucks it sucks really bad that you have to be in a situation that he’s really honestly don’t want him peeing it’s all terrible something that I’ve never wanted to experience ever again however I will make the choice to go forward with another updates of my bathroom at Back to Basics Builders he wants to be considerate of your family and its lifestyle and be sure you have the right equipment and the tools you will need to move forward as a remodeling project and when you’re starting out in remodeling let me tell you you learn what you need you get it and it works great I’m and I think that’s part of why at my house things are slowing down because we’re learning at Back to Basics Builders we love what we do and we’re highly educated and what will you do And Back to Basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee we get so excited to remodel new basement you have no idea how ever we do have a map of where we can and cannot go just like any other company in the business and I’m excited that were popping up in Google and we’re getting a lot of business it definitely makes me sad that there are some business out there that we can’t reach yet and that’s for girls comes in and we’re excited for that Back to Basics Builders that’s one thing that we want to do is continue growth and when we move forward with girl lets me get really really really excited and Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee We love to move forward with new projects we love that we can come together and unifying overcome new obstacles and challenges and think outside the box we’re a great team we work great together we are Unified and I love it I love that we can definitely grow together we don’t have to struggle together we don’t have to do any of these things that other companies do sometimes and we have been very open with our communication with our team we have been very respectful we listen to each other we know each other’s strengths and that’s great that’s what we do that’s what we’re supposed to do at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and we want you to understand the process of remodeling this past month I decided to update my kitchen and I’ll share the story a couple weeks ago but he’s been updating this kitchen for about a month to month now and we got as far as putting Locker on the cabinets and it’s one of the rooms that I probably should not have started with the other bedrooms we just added paint and some blinds and some furniture to each Roman at my house is coming along great it’s making great process progress but at the same time let me tell you I have a toddler in my house and for my husband and I to take on this big project probably wasn’t a great idea to do a drink at Lee working and watching my toddler pour water all over my coffee table because I have to work and she has to be a toddler and my kitchen is full of dust dirty dishes stain all over my table stain on my countertop and it’s very very frustrating to me however I want you to know that if you hire at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we make sure that you’re ready for us we will explain when we will be in your home when we won’t be in your home we will not be throwing stain all over the place we don’t do dishes that’s a for sure however at Back to Basics Builders we want you to know that we are not responsible for your toddler’s either we respect your family as a whole we respect you as individuals and we love watching families grow because we are a family where a family run business are honors have three children the secretary house to children and our laborers also have children so we understand doctor’s appointments me understand vaccination appointment manager stand haircuts me understand fevers in the middle of the day we kill that we understand always know that at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to feel comfortable with us being in your home and remodeling your house so that it can be a home at Back to Basics Builders we are super excited to move forward with some new projects that we have ahead of us at Back to Basics Builders we are a team that comes together to promote and advocate for you if you want a blue cabinet tree we are going to make sure you have blue cabinets if you want a pink polka-dotted floor we will be sure that you want a pink polka-dotted for Napa textured ceiling if that’s what You want at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are sure that you will get exactly what you want you want to make sure that all your remodeling needs her night so give us a call reach out to us at Back to Basics we are here for you we are here to bring you through the chai Ling X we are here to be sure that UIC care was here me Amato know that you can reach out on contact us a page on our website we will be sure to reach out schedule your free estimate and continue with the 15% more right than any other company in the best thank you.