Testing testing hello hello. Perfect eyes when they want to try break out these last for merge sort of table 4 foot 4000 words or so. I really want to take at least one more basement remodeling Milwaukee. Maybe I’ll just get through what I was here usually takes about 5 minutes to get something to drink right now table next 20-25 minutes. I feel like I’m supposed to get 420 minutes like stay with the 5 minute and I think you should really try to make sure that I have enough sub shop all. Both of us are bullet out of remodeling done right. I really don’t really know what’s right or wrong considering I haven’t really done or not on my own. I really just kind of been the one kind of like sales calls in that kind of thing. But I do have like seeing people do them. I am going to be remodeled set a reminder. I feel like I’ve help do my nothing from your mouth. But I really don’t even matter. I had help black paint and do your tile backsplash in a kitchen.

Family don’t even really expensive. My brother here’s a help. I do it a lot when we’re doing remodels I can we are not attending the whole face my brother did a lot of the helping and did a lot of the cuts forward. My brother really is very good crafting Hands-On person person who comes to remodel I’m doing different things like that basement remodeling Milwaukee. He’s always been very good with it naturally. Graduated from high school and go to college see one until I could trade. He’s doing right now Landscaping down in Arizona. He’s doing well with I just Landscaping in like that just like yard stuff results to me what with in-ground pool. Actually I got a job with a pretty cool because of what TV shows out there. I think that’s pretty cool considering that it’s a different name just being able to work with them.

I’m hoping to maybe you can make that work with them and making me sore new connection to be able to get the column other jobs. It kind of stinks because you took a pretty big pay cut for me from us contact Arizona because when you work in Arizona that kind of thing you would be 21 Drive certain equipment and I do certain things. He’s only 19 degrees is going to be until you can get like a pay raise. But definitely with the temperature in 2021 exit through the mail today if you can we moved on by then. Or you’ll be living in a different state. I know that I went to a job done moving to Colorado next I don’t know why they want to move to. I get it. They want to experience different things and try new things while you’re young but I think it’s a lot of moving a lot of coordination that they teach their kids blue basement remodeling Milwaukee. Kind of the only move to Arizona was kind of a big mess because I had her parents doing everything for them so they don’t know where to start. That’s really funny nobody really knows I have to start when I move in for you today.

But I understand that caterpillar she’s always want to move to Arizona but I don’t think they haven’t I don’t think they really had an interesting Below in Arizona. I don’t think you’re the only choice because that’s what the only one of your add more you’ll definitely want to go to school at the end if you wanted to look at that makes a lot of sense because it always say that you’re going for a purpose. And I’m just going there to live there. And so that was kind of like frustrated because actually when they move their house you decided to do the work or school anymore. So that works for living their lives are. Which I never really cared for three weeks because he thought that she was wanting to go to school there that was really really good move for her. But obviously she changed her mind she doesn’t actually want to do is go anywhere so fine that but I don’t she also really need to figure out like girls were they need to figure out what she wants to do basement remodeling Milwaukee. Cuz she wouldn’t she hates working Shades resume case he’s working through this is unlikely people switch with his to try and figure out what you’re going to do next for a job basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Because she really doesn’t have any clue when I’m older the next day care for all of us consonant makes a lot of money. And so like select are not his ass when I take her and she’s told Taylor Time After Time After Time After Time that she can have it after she was done running if you’re up until he was really doesn’t want to do the front of me I understand that wanting to have to just takes away from my mom because that’s what you say but I think I’ve ever say she needed to find like a back-up plan. Because she likes to spend money and she likes to do all kinds of stuff but like she doesn’t like want to work for basement remodeling Milwaukee. We just found out they had stuff to wear that like I was in my life is going to go with us for life and I want to go to the gym later when I get home able to because how long is it to be up at 5 and now he’s talking to your dad like 7:38 so if it a little bit more time to go to the gym me to go to Target. I know I want to go to Target red to work center urgent care of. I might pick up a couple things for the dogs because she gave me money for dog treats for my rent.