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Hello today is a great day here at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee . At Back to Basics Builders we are hanging out and we are having a blast the sun is owned it’s warm breeze is nice and warm the sun is Toasty on my skin. I had to sit here in front of the windows and see the beautiful sunshine. Once we transfer into a new office space I will forever miss the sun. it’s a great day I love when the sun is out and it’s shining it makes me think of all the possibilities that can come to pass that’s why we work hard. watch tied together we share together we joined together we unite together and we work hard. There’s a lot of true friend projects currently going on including a kitchen basement remodel that’s a tough one. as always and place to be in a place to have fun a place to come together in a place to work hard. I know these times are crazy basement remodeling Milwaukee the city is actually on shutdown we have an extended mandate order for mask covering and kids are officially home from school with no work to do. The struggle that I’ve had the past two days being home and actually this is my third day I had to get better I wasn’t feeling very well and I took two days off of work. in my kids got tired of me being home. my routine was disrupted. I was struggling just to be alive at times but I knew it was a different alive. I wanted to be different I wanted to be okay I wanted to let the world know that I was going to strive and I was going to overcome. in my kids through the 20/20 I call it the 20/20 remodeling project because everything has been taken down from us everything has been stripped away and it seems all things are going to become new. I’m just waiting for that time to come the longer we sit here and Ponder the thoughts of what’s going to be in what’s going to come is the longer that we have to sit and Ponder beyond our imagination. we need to think outside of the box some days. Ouija 2 be considerate of others. And we need to know I only found reason limits. It’s crazy the times that were in it’s crazy the things that we are experiencing and it’s bizarre then our children have to bear this for such a time as this. We know that a lot of this is temporary but we also know that we need to move forward with butter and bigger things in life. There’s so many trials are so many tribulations there’s so many acts of violence and hate and where has the Love Gone. Basement remodeling Milwaukee M the love for one another the joy that we had together the peace that is so unexplainable it’s a god-given gift. is here to help All Families is here to help families through their remodeling project. what has been the biggest struggle Darren 20/20. has the struggle been. Has it been struggling with a virus a pandemic illness homeschooling shut down violence dogs what has been the biggest complaint of 20/20 in your household. I know that I have a crazy household and I know that for a while it was just the adjustments that we struggled with the adjustments of the shutdown the adjustments of school the adjustments of colds and flus and typical times together. We all struggle with something or another but in all fairness we all knew what was best for us and we all stuck together and we unified together even in our home that’s what we taught our children was to grow together. 20/20. when I go through and I think about all the crazy times this year has brought us I think about the true craziness that we’ve experienced as a team and things that we’ve experienced as a group and things that we can do to come together and to unite. is a great place to be to do great thing. when I talk about remodeling projects I look around my house and the word remodeling has definitely served as a different store holder definition of foundation in my vocabulary. I have talked a lot about transition and change and rebuilding but what about what’s currently going on. we know that basement remodeling Milwaukee is undergoing remodeling everyday wear in the homes where with families were changing the shape in the form in the foundation of homes. Then we have the moments that we are here and we are moving forward with new remodeling projects. we are always ready to take in another theme another obstacle another challenge and we’re always ready to move forward with it. When we look at all these challenging times and we look at all these complicated process these we take a step back and we have to prepare ourselves we have to definitely armor up psychologically. Basement remodeling Milwaukee what does this mean for anybody it’s individually based. We know that people suffer from different obstacles and we want them to be obstacle free and that is what we do here at and Back to Basics Builders. We want everybody to be comfortable and they’re remodeling process weather that is stripping down to rebuild a new you a new home a new environments a new atmosphere this is what we do. is here to help you and to do great things. I love what I do I like to do what I can to make life easier not only for myself but also for others. basement remodeling Milwaukee is always a great place to be.