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Lordy have mercy have any of you seen the newest fad on facebook my sisters are so excited I have no idea since they all have a significant other I am not sure what to do with them they post these new fades and get so excited and I am sure they are reminded that their significant others don’t like these fads as part of the décor at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we stay on top of what is new and what is modern there are more than eight primary colors in this world and we will go through some choices with you and if you don’t like the sample we will move on with it my sister decided glitter paint was the answer she wanted a bathroom completely covered in glitter paint how that happens I have no idea I understand a nursery with glitter paint or a little girls room with glitter paint or even some grey with glitter but pink and purples with glitter I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it and here at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we don’t have to imagine our homes with glitter paint filled walls we don’t have to imagine our homes filled with shine ang sparkle because it isn’t our home it is your home and if you want glitter paint then goodness gracious you will have glitter paint as I am invited to many homes and talk with many project managers I observe I see how some enjoy micromanagement while others are more concerned about the product and provide a quiet peaceful environment it gives us the ability to think outside the box we love different and unique and we love to celebrate it my peanut may enjoy some glitter on her walls but how is it that you can paint over it im not sure how that would work I would have to use google do you know you can also add glitter to your paint of choice its so exciting I found rose gold glitter paint I don’t know what color my sister planned on using but I may consider using this rose gold glitter paint to cover my baby girls walls it would be so fun okay now I know I did make fun of my sister for her choice in glitter painting her bathroom but hey a baby girls room heck yes at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will do the research to see if your choices are practical we will be sure to help you make well informed educated decisions now my father and grandfather have other ideas they enjoy the time they have with us I will not forget the time my grandpa painted his new home he re laid carpet and then painted walls and holy cows could someone say spackle he looked like someone shifted through powdered sugar and it just fell on him just right he had dots everywhere the spatters of spackle I will never forget and I promise you if I take him down to our basement today it will be known that he loves spackle he will stare at our ceiling in the basement and claim that spackle will be the best ideal he clearly has never remodeled as we do here at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I still cannot understand his love for spackle I don’t thing I ever will understand it but its not for me to understand it is for him to understand and for me to promote his joys of his home and if he needs help with spackle it will be my job to be sure he has spackle on every wall even if I look like I sprayed myself with baby powder so what are your thoughts what are your concerns would you use glitter paint or are you a very traditional person so traditional that spackle brings back memories and you would accent a wall in spackle I can honestly say that I am neither at this time I can be distracted and caught off guard and am more partial to glitter paint than I am to spackle I had to choose I definitely would be a sparkle rather than a spackle so there is that im sure my family would agree other than our elders that spackle is always a tradition in our homes and you will find at least one wall that is painted with spackle and used as an accent however I what I really don’t understand is that my grandpa doesn’t use any other color than white to paint I can understand if there was an accent color to be used with an accent texture but nope its white spackle on the wall I am overwhelmed by the craziness of spackle but I must let you know if my sister asked me to help her paint her bathroom with glitter paint I totally would and let it fall on me and then I could leave sparkles everywhere I went even on her furniture I sat on while taking a break she would be in heaven though she loves sparkle well lets revisit what are you a spackle or a sparkle let me know wat back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want to know what your choices are what your thoughts are we want to know what you would consider in your home as an accent or as a memory or as a conversation starter what are your thoughts we want to know if you prefer the modern or do you prefer the time old school techniques do you prefer splashes of color or do you prefer white wall paint with plashes of accent colors in pictures and drapes please let us know what you think we love discussion starters and we love to know what everyone is doing with their new homes including the diy projects that are now available on these websites I am so happy to have a career where I can explore the newness of places and have an appreciations for fresh clean décor it will never be the same looking at my home now that I am aware of all the new fun stuff that can be done to improve my space at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we get excited to talk about paint and color we are happy and become very motivated when we talk about the un experiences we have when we see clients enjoy their new comfort of home that is what we are here for to make your space your comfort we consider it a joy to help you choose between the fun and the boring or the simple and the fabulous.