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This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Well it has been a few days since I have last journaled so lets get started happy Monday everyone its morning time rise and shine remember let us not fear but make those who surround us feel love joy as I was on my way to work this morning I remembered when I first applied for the job here at back to basics milwaukee basement remodeling milwaukee it was the craziest process ever first I went to indeed and typed in office I knew I wanted to support a local business and I wanted to explore outside of the nonprofit world and then I began to apply there was a square pop up that interefered with my search and I partially read the title and continued with the description and it was fabulous no education needed this was meant for me after receiving multiple credits and being on honor roll for many years through college I knew schooling just wasn’t my forte it was a must to get through and later settled for an associates degree but I needed a place to grow a place to call home a place where my kids wouldn’t have to adjust to another schedule change a place where family is priority and let me tell you I found it basement remodeling milwaukee is a joy and I cannot tell you how amazing it is to have clicked and continued the response via email was amazing along with my faith being tested the owners were definitely on top of their communication and stand by how open they are with communication I felt like I was giving up on my family and their needs for support but I was assured that I would not be giving up on my family and that I could come and interview after work hours I was tired I had multiple interviews in the last six months only to be rejected by so many then basement remodeling milwaukee appreciated the skills I had and continued to work with me and explained their hiring process and here I am today I am smiling my kids are doing great I have money in the bank I have a start to life again I have confidence again I can tell my kids no because their requests are unrealistic but I can also say yes when they are practical and not because I don’t have enough basement remodeling milwaukee brought my family back when I first received my check I smiled and drove home in tears realizing that I have have not brought home such money in over five years almost I have always lived paycheck to paycheck but not this time my work is appreciated I have time to drink coffee and I have time to write again I have time to type thoughts I have time to network and support employees to carry out compassionate ministry to live again to pour my coffee in the morning with scare hair and a robe and laugh with my babies to know they are okay and we made it I have not been forgotten I have not been left behind I have not been kicked to the curb but I have been lifted out of darkness because I was created for greatness I have been set free because who the son sets free is free indeed I have been made the head and not the tail I have been created to be above and not beneath I am able to call things as though they are into existence and look I can tell you this happens I can tell you that basement remodeling milwaukee has been there and they build up stay positive and teach their employees to do the same I love it I love the consistency I love the joy they share I love the potential everyone walks in with and I love that they work together and bring out the best in each other basement remodeling milwaukee knows and believes that we are created for so much more than what we apply for and they support us in all we do both personal and on the job they understand life they understand struggle and they understand what if feels like to celebrate they know what it means to dig holes they know what it means to not be educated in certain areas but they also know how to get help and how to make things better to rise up to the greatness we were meant for it makes me smile over and over I have not been failed and basement remodeling milwaukee now has me they are stuck with me for a long while I am super happy I wont lie its been glorious of a new career change on that note let me tell you about how great the laborers are I rarely get to see them out in action very rarely do I ever get to see how hard they work but I get to hear the calls and I get to see their faces when great things are accomplished I get to see their faces when they make a mistake I get to see hear their struggles and I get to see their victories just check out back to basics builders website you can see how amazing these men work and how hard they work how great they communicate how well organized they are and how they continue to do great beyond their own expectations when you work for a company and you exceed your own expectation you know you have met family and when you fit in and your whole team has the same goal and compassion and they are willing to make sacrifices to show how important their work is then you have met great people their hearts and souls are greatness and their joys are sharable at basement remodeling milwaukee we are here to help we are here to communicate we are here to make a house a home we are here to share your dream and your love for your family because that is where home begins it is deep within us it is our passion to see those who sit before us and are scared knew owners we don’t intimidate them we don’t take advantage of them we work with them and teach them what is real and what is fantasy we are those people we are great we are made for greatness.