All right so I might as well just keep going and it’s kind of fun to work on these sometimes you know I just got my ideas flowing right now we go down yellow shorts pretty cool I can’t wear any of that stuff on the NIT track jackets kind of cool except I want to know like you know I want to see the I know what to say like the other colors come in the white one that average will like like that if the black ones cool yeah see the black ones white and it looks awesome I just got the no that’s definitely something that I would get but who knows basement remodeling Milwaukee.  we could also do like I know like they’re certain things like all these the BSR shirts are pretty cool that’s kind of like the slogan these shorts are adult small in boys boys XL on cuz I’m not that also like I don’t know how to actually yeah that’s what I did is I posted on my personal page I basement remodeling milwaukee

Just seen all kind of saying like don’t know the exact post is like and it was many of you know I just started a job at Back to Basics Builders and I just said like if you know if you need stuff, we will advertise in Polson I said she want to see the kind of work we do to check out Facebook page link above and I did so she bar people I know yes so nice so when I started cuz I owe you can look at the stats and I started we were at like I start on the Facebook we were at 76 page likes so 4 just from doing it for like a month consistently with games like people consistency the numbers are like 4 videos a week break on the Facebook page and obviously likes all the time but you can reach it’s all about how many people you reach and whether the same people are not you know those same people might want to remodel the future you never know, but something I’ve been thinking about you yeah yeah right yeah cuz Facebook could I mean it’s a strong tool that could help you do right yeah I don’t know you know it’s that’s not something that’s in my basement remodeling milwaukee realm of knowledge.

Right the start getting paid right see something I’ve done in the past my mom had me do it actually cuz she built my step dad built they call it she said you know what I’m talkin about right it’s a mini house cuz she’s working from home now and she had me you know compiled a video right well it’s my step-dad is insane right like he can teach the guy that can build anything I’m so for his man cave he built himself a detached garage on the property to 8 car garage with a lift and everything in it a painting Booth so he’s got all that and then my mom started working from home and complain about having to work in a room and relax because I work in here no I believe that and so yes she had me compile a video for you know from like would have just started counting a transition video which would be kind of cool for remodeling projects to I mean you can make short videos like that you don’t like make 3 people people like to see that kind of stuff I see if I have any pictures of the she shed cuz it it is a work of figure things out get a lot of the marketing stuff. Is the train videos like is it for anybody like this is how you do this like what are his training videos about I’ll wait if anybody can click on it apply to everybody for framing right videos are cool too cuz people just click on those because they want to know how to do stuff themselves that’s pretty big especially if it’s not just specific to what we’re doing but if somebody else wants to learn how do they install their own tile that’s why I go I go to YouTube.

It’s pretty interesting I can’t remember where the yeah new stuff I really that is stuff I really do like doing is he home video stuff do you know that type of creative work audio study yeah I basement remodeling milwaukee mean I’ve worked in college I used Premiere Pro throughout 4 years which is that’s like what movies the movie studios use so I can do a video editing I mean like if you put me and I will be a good I will be I guess pretty basic stuff but I can do all that yeah I mean my my education is in an electronic media so.

I will know how to do it well and it also not saying Kyle can’t but oh here it is it’s 256. I can send it to you if you want to watch it I got it smaller phone screen we can go to the fun stuff like what it actually looks like at the end he didn’t do the concrete but yeah he did the framing though and then the plywood see how you basement remodeling milwaukee did all that stuff like here at the house and yeah it’s the mini house with the interior Work is cool 2 he put up the siding watch Corky did at my grandpa painted the outside Wind Lake something about they got about an acre of land and they have used it forever they’ve used every acre cuz now that we just got a pool but the inside of it is so I got those those planks yeah from a barn in Palmyra and they’re using it for the wall you do not need to the wall with that which is cool I’m painting the wall obviously the tile is the coolest part of the paint inside I had to the windows basement remodeling milwaukee painted those that’s the ceiling they did yeah that title is yeah I know cuz my mom picked out the one that they had to do one by one but yeah that’s kind of it looks like inside and I put the TV up there oh yeah then they built this little and he built her desk and yeah he I mean like I said you can like your duck I just. he’s one of the. how to try to try to.