Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Which Brands Are Reliable?

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Hello today is a great day its Thursday the day before Friday one of my favorite days well let’s check in for a great update here at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee It’s been a great week of learning and doing great things. I am happy my friends have relief and are looking forward to update their rooms as their baby girl has passed away. The other day I read in her blog she was taking down bunk beds. It made me think of the space I have in my kid’s rooms what can we do to improve them and how do we go about making them feel so safe and secure in a space that they love. It took me a lot of time to realize that I love the space I am in. I love that my home has more décor and I love that I have more cozy time with my kids on a couch soon I will have pillows on my couch. I cannot wait to decorate I love it its my favorite part of updating a home. I know I need some stuff to finish at back to basics builders our house is always on my mind. I truly struggle with finishing a space only because some things need to be put on hold and then I start something else. At back to basics builders we are going to move forward with all remodeling projects. I am excited for the weekend this weekend I am going to add curtains to my babies’ room and then add some fun foam flowers to the walls! How fun is that command strips are a great way of hanging items on the wall. At back to basics builders I am excited to continue with some fun and exciting things what to do next oh my what to do? I will for sure finish the house with exception to my room for Christmas! My little guy has a competed room minus his peg board but he can get that for Christmas! It will be personalized for him with love from friends and family I love those gifts! They make my heart melt so hard. Meanwhile I still have to figure out my plan for the bathroom ugh what to do I love sunflower, but I also love turquoise and yellow yes I want a fall room all season! That is my goal I usually have some short term and long term goals set for the home I have a lot going on at once always and well I love it at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we always have a lot going on at once! So let me tell you what my ideals are for my bathroom. First I will start with the vanity I will paint the vanity. I am so sure I wanted a modern rustic with sunflowers however I have been browsing some great ideas when it comes to some fun kids stuff. Back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee really knows how to put things together with great ideas and modern fun tips. We are researching all day what is the next google update for remodels. I love what I do and at back to basics builders we can implement a lot of our ideas. I guess I will have to amazon a lot of accessories I am happy I have an idea of what it will look like we are going for rustic whales. I love blues hues of grey and some fun yellows oranges and reds I cannot wait for this bathroom to bring fun excitement to the family I know with the update I can always change the décor a picture and a shower curtain are okay to change. So what is going to be the fun part oh let me tell you picking out new colors for a space is what is going to be the fun part. I want some fun stuff I want aqua for a vanity and medium dark for my medicine cabinet and for my lights then I want to change the wall color to gray yup gray I love gray lets do this in fall people one month project!!! Something every weekend. Countertops then vanity cabinet then we can move on to wall paint then we can do medicine cabinet and lighting then finally décor! Whoop whoop all done! So tell me something what do you see in your new bathroom? What will you find to see the fun in your home? I still have some décor to find. Its frustrating I don’t know what to put on a wall in the living room maybe a bible verse and inspirational quote or pictures of some family I think I might go with a bible verse but then again what does the store have to offer I don’t know. So the hardest part is to organize your thoughts as you can read it gets overwhelming and exciting I love it I love when I can look for new stuff to do! When you hire back to basics builders we will make your dream bathrooms come true let me tell you what fun will look like in my bathroom I am so excited and happy to move forward with some fun stuff at back to basics builders. I want a jungle in my bathroom I want fun animals and I want some fun quotes and I want some fun colors. At back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we will make your bathroom fun and you will love your bathroom. I love my bathroom and I cant wait to explore new ideas. What are some of your ideas please let us know we will be excited to follow your project here at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee. The office here is open from 8am to 5pm and we have a phone number of 414-460-0075 so please do reach out to us and schedule your free estimate. We are the most sought after basement remodeling company on milwaukee at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we love what we can do. So fun and exciting here at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee. Check out the website!