Hello and thanks for coming and reading today‚Äôs first article on this wonderful Wauwatosa Monday morning basement remodeling Milwaukee. The beginning of this article is going to be hand typed because for some reason my microphone is not picking up on my voice and I am not sure why that is. The one nice thing about typing these instead of talk typing is that I am practicing my typing skills. I am a firm believer that everyone should take at least one typing class in their lifetime. I mean it is something so small that could help so much! In High School I took somewhere between two to three typing classes. One of which was the fastest typer in the class with the least amount of errors. Everyday we had to do these timed typing challenges that would calculate how fast we would type and also take into consideration how many mistakes we made per sentence. Wow it really does take a lot more time typing these instead of speaking into the microphone so I am going to try talk typing again because this takes way way way too long to hand type these up. Testing testing test a perfect let’s give this another go. I tried chassis out a little bit oil and they were working there really sure what was in the bathroom working. I really just I tried helping you out for a while and I just realize that it takes a lot more time to head back 2 speak into these basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Do I really want to try and just get all mine done too and I have four days to get that they want done things to do in 5 days. So we’re leave to pick up my speed and pick up my item I guess like I was so for my focus on these. I mean I really like if I put my mind to I’ll definitely get them done but I definitely want to get 6:17 everyday. I would like to get we just woke me up. How ideally I think I would like to get done I like 7 today. That we would all typical I mean that’s like a really hard right article to me I mean you say to 6 a day. So we 1 more extra day really isn’t that bad one of these days though if I would like to buy it’s a boyfriend heading I need to get at least one more done one day so eat in one day. I think I definitely can’t do it. I don’t like anything’s legal leave to go to this week I believe but I might not be obviously. But so yeah so yeah that’s what I was talking about the beauty that article. I can’t believe like whatever start working I got to get type all these. No take me like a couple of hours to get link to 3 done and now I can crank out at least like three or four like an hour. Tell me if I did I gave 2 to 3 hours a day to do anything that I set myself High ahead of the rest of my week basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But I did find out the $300 for the past 2 weeks. That’s really incredible I’ve been really working pretty hard so I’m happy that it’s paying off. I think that you just really have to like put in the time and effort into something really pays off in the end.. Timing and nobody’s going to turn that down obviously. Maybe I’ll have to treat myself to like dinner or something one of these night say. Right now. We already is just I need to I really need to get Marvin a new dog artists right now and I’m as well as I can you call her. I just need to find the one I want. There’s a harness on Amazon that Mason I really want to get but the only issue with it is is that Mason wanted like neon hunting orange and I don’t. I kind of like it was like a really pretty blue or like a teal color I think is really nice.

I just think that the warrant is your soul like a dirty and I just noticed that my favorite thing basement remodeling Milwaukee. I really like this like this like it’s called Tranquility old I really like the color of that one I need by the amazing just really want something bright but I just think the dishes so tacky looking bug see how he’s going to take his opinion into consideration because it’s called Pride pumpkin is the color. And I guess like I don’t know what I don’t want to butt in like that it looks really go to Orange but that’s a clever as life jacket. So I mean have something a different color might be kind of nice basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So maybe you want to associate everything with going swimming because I never use his life jacket Adidas automatically see when he’s going to get to go swimming in the copy so I could put it on his own and sometimes you might just be taking him for a walk or going somewhere. To like I don’t know I was just a baby blue one that I really like but either way I really want to get to it or like a matching leash because like his leash he’s just completely shredded. It’s cuz every time we take him outside he just thinks I like he needs to on it and it’s so annoying sometimes like I understand that his excitement Like yeah I really like that your tubes at the row please and I have a rope leashAnd the row pieces are super nice basement remodeling Milwaukee. Except Marvin like I said there’s always chewing on them at reading them and I really like is to go heavy into a fight with him till I walked out of Hawaii with him.