How can I start same but I might as well just go right into what I was going to talk about 1 see for Washington. Spell 1245 he starts heat up I think it’s cuz I’m at the averages pretty good going on Milwaukee Water Works sucks.  we want to do with them but Senor in the SEO now to Milwaukee Water Works sucks end time well I’ve no sympathy so you tell me if this is a company that sucks try contents all right we’re going to look at Josh Bell basement remodeling Milwaukee. All right since I don’t know we’ll get them since Michael says since the last 13 games yeah I was going to say is not the Big Stretch there was that great all right let’s go since his last six games so since April 28th that’s not right a quick question for you. If I go

Since April 28th beginning of the season was so bad but since April 2023 games see is 511 17 RBIs Missouri to 77 with 832 or both of us if we go even farthe last 13 games since May 13th he is hitting three home runs and RBIs Nissan 370 with no PS above 1000 basement remodeling Milwaukee than that 21 game see sitting to 89 so but more recently I want to that but yeah so he is definitely keep it up so it’s always interesting to see players do that cuz sometimes that doesn’t tell the start of winter head of 360 average human 445 cassiano’s 1145 copy place prize therefore cassiano’s to be hitting the way he is I think he’s one of the most underrated headers in the league early 2019 you can buy in 4 just insane 58 doubles never seen that before that’s impressive did that look up Nick siano’s get CC hit you up 58 and 2019 46 and 2016 36th yeah so since 2015 has been one of the best hitters in the league it really well for the Cubs getting on if we keep going like I said Padre’s Brewers Royals raise the raise when it can they have just been on fire the Blue Jays beat the Yankees good for them so whenever the White Sox beat the the A’s won my name is Khan the Mariners beat the Rangers left everything we look at the Dodgers Mookie Betts it went 1 for 3 basement remodeling Milwaukee open pools went 1 for 3 that’s cool once you Albert Pujols has done since he’s been with the Dodgers.

If you look up Albert Albert Pujols who’s 90 words page has us going to 2021 so since he’s been on the Dodgers Albertsons on Dodgers playing 9 games 29 plate appearances be sitting to 14 has been bad but I guess I don’t know Justified not as good as he used to be one see a corporate Birds has done but no he struggled last time you pictures but he still 233s make a blocks I’m so just came back from injury he’s pitched in 12 innings 16 strikeouts 6 and runs up to the 454

That was beginning the season was incredible basement remodeling milwaukee but since April 26th about the last month he’s only fishing for games of 22 Innings he’s giving up 11 earned runs for 450 a year a 34 strikeouts still impressive nonetheless Stefani Cool. Since is hot start on below sea and pick up again if we look at I don’t know what he did when he doing the post item he’s always been pretty good season how to get Brandon Woodruff it is a food that would refuse leading the majors he’s in 64 in Cut 73 strikeouts impressive look at his game logs recently she has been on a tear like full seasons been good but we look at like the last I don’t know what are the seven outings 47 days only six earned runs going to 115 year a 54 strike out so if you look at Freddy Peralta who also should be a All Star.  basement remodeling Milwaukee he’s bitching just as well and I think up there for League lead in strikeouts per nine the last outing wasn’t great but for the month of May it looks like I’m going to none one of your s o the game of the season was really good it’s for something with two innings and struck out six so Elsa Say Something by Willie pitched left listening to Kyle over there getting angry International has definitely dip below the Mendoza Line what’s a good if you look at his batting logs recently he is just the first 34 games yet to 31 which is fine for Travis Shaw but since then.

I want to do since then she has hit a whopping to 438 so I’m not going to use just on a basement remodeling milwaukee cold streak I’m on Cole Street it’s at their own cost to change it the first month of May you only had to 9 Yu-Gi-Oh game for goes off April 8th through May 16th is his best stretch and that one’s even that great I want to look at the custom here all right now the see where he’s at things are going well I don’t sound like they’re going well I can’t say that I camera will you didn’t you didn’t threaten them you didn’t say I’m going to or I want to you just said no you said some people might not referring to them maybe they got it rolled off the road yesterday all right so we’re looking at casting here basement remodeling Milwaukee. Since he’s been back okay is one hit in 15 plate appearances 2 walks and 6 strikeouts this guy is not good anymore best stretch of the Year let’s see if it came from a game where you from April 24th we went through for for for like a week he played really well from April 24th 28 and 5 games for starts he went to 6 / 16 we still and no 16 at bats are the 10 outside he made seven of them more strikeouts I just cannot not strike out so I’m over it I don’t know what they have to do with that I’m he’s got to be leading the league in strikeout rate I don’t even know where you find that what see strikethrough 6% strikeout rate is not good.