Cool cell phone look at the temperature it’s already a berry ball me 86 outside really get that but on the field look at this work phone it’s private time to charge the personal phone here it is what it is though so like I guess I could use the work phone 4 could use the work phone for these you know these engines here and just see what happens on it’s just so hard to see luxury basement remodeling ideas as one of my to look at my phone when I say basement remodeling Milwaukee see if it actually hits it will but there’s 52 space Okay maybe there’s nothing but I am talking to.  all right if you look at this one the reason why I have the kids off a luxury feels because it has the nice lvp it’s like a dark brown lvp which was really good Amazon there is a

you know it’s kind of like a white couches like this white let’s see there is white drywall on the ceiling you don’t cover an HVAC and soffit gray walls I guess makes it look more luxury than the support beams are covered by the drywall and has like baseboard and trim and all that this other one kind of follows the same idea does help with the lights that kind of hang down the cane I can try don’t change to Lear lights but there’s also the I can I go to the theme of the gray and white on here comes to call let’s see what happens here Back to Basics Builders this is Ryan the half-hour what do you need me to do cuz nobody’s at the office right now so I’m the only one here working I mean I’d have to wait until Joe gets back or Kyle or somebody all right basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I’ll call you from the I’ll call you from the cell phone so I can talk to you while I do this all right I’ll call you back Hey by the way this number is my new work phone so just let me know all right so it’s only one gallon so we talk and pretty smaller or is it like a normal paint size right okay I see light blue sky see a multi-purpose latex primer nope keep looking Pro classic for classic Kashmir by see to 5 I wonder where else it would be August we still have way more on the left side of here line all the crap yeah I’m going to just keep looking I might be a little bit a lot of pain basement remodeling Milwaukee in your Park I know you said it was one gallon so it’s not on the right side it’s not proclassic Ethan’s not that Pro black now color Brite stop light yeah I’ll see you there I feel like there’s a small can like that I’m not saying right now all right yeah I kind of looked at all I looked at all of them not seeing it the only light blue can that I’m seeing is a I guess I was just a late text 1 all right all right yeah I don’t think I don’t think we have one so that’s what I would suggest from what I’m seeing right yeah no basement remodeling Milwaukee problem all right well combined any paint there is what it is so I guess in a sense it is what it is there’s nothing in the lake weekend.

I could see it looks like and we just don’t have any footer that’s what it is there I will see what I’m looking at today this one is done the city went to see all that she has that give a budget so pretty Classic Fair I really what we’re looking to do.  well that’s cool cuz I called in sick up a little bit of time a little bit of the words that I need to get for this basement remodeling Milwaukee situation look at this one see this one love with their friends list when they get their luxury if it’s cuz the ceiling isn’t really like a typical drywall ceiling it looks like as a pattern on it see how something like this is beautiful to me so you walk down the stairs yeah obviously stairs you know there’s like the Cobblestone pillar his mother cows when they’re kind of like a thick beams big support beams, can opening in the basement so that’s pretty cool we can say we can look at it what were using the app mine for Okay perfect so I definitely get that from my house anything with a cobblestone you know pillars it’s going to like something like that is amazing Courtyard entry but that is like more like a restaurant I guess I could be a house cut that be amazing if that’s like your beginning color either way it is what it is look up we look up the like cheaper landscaping ideas cuz that’s really fun for me I think basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Landscaping can really make your your homework pretty awesome like something like that is pretty easy I don’t really think I would do that but I don’t think I look that good you could also do something like that okay but clear some more ideas yeah I get that one’s like a lot of the small rocks people just like to go up there with the rocks look all of the big one yeah hopefully we can get that I camera so it’s kind of cool I don’t really get the blocks there but I’ve heard the Looking Glass be filled with wood but I digress look at this one with you see like the trees in the row it will mulch nuggets so there’s that I mean Landscaping is tops that looks really cool that like anything raised to me that’s really cool basement remodeling Milwaukee so you have to like it was something like that I don’t really know how you build that I all I guess you could just like you that you can build like wood and wood blocks what kind is raised you do something like that I don’t really cut stinky butt cuz we got to go to the bathroom really soon so we’ll see we’ll see what they come back I do have to go.