I guess I’m just going to keep on talking and talking and talking until I have enough of these written basement remodeling Milwaukee. Call James so my next article Andre talking while the last size was talked about stormy weather destruction I didn’t talk about that at all. Which I really don’t think I would have had enough to say about it just because I mean we had a couple nights ago and I think I wrote a letter to call about it but last night we also I don’t. I wouldn’t say it was a bad one so I don’t know I didn’t like really talk about it that much is because I don’t think that there was enough to talk about it. Nobody I don’t think anybody lost any more power last night it just kind of like down pouring rain so I 1520 minutes in it that was it. Only connection I went away so that’s fine I didn’t talk about it. But still for this article are title that scrolling through Pinterest. So I guess that means I can just girls real pictures and talk about what I’m saying I’m thinking right. All my pictures is definitely like a hodgepodge of massive accept it really does describe me very well basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Right now I have a lot of recipes just because I like to cook and I constantly looking for new recipes to try. I was watching a video right now and some kind of shrimp recipe it looks really yummy looks like the pan fry or pan seared some shrimp and they make it late, what’s a good cream sauce without parmesan sub tomato spinach and they’re going to put it in there and then I’m assuming they’re going to lay it over but a pasta be my assumption but I can’t say for sure cuz the video stops. The next picture that I’m saying that I want to talk about is I feel like watching these crafting videos. So this one they’re doing an easy boho mirror I think that’s what they said so they couldn’t grow up and looking at around in the garage forms I don’t I don’t think that it would be like this 13 Mirror by any means basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And for something like that like you obviously don’t want it to fall so I’m fine just buying like a regular mirror and not having to have to cross font that’s for sure. I want other thing that I’m saying that I really like is it a lot of like wedding decor just because I went to a wedding on Friday and I’ve been searching stuff cuz cuz like I don’t know why but I’m going to listening that I’m seeing a lot of it sounds like he’s like kind of like nature frosted cakes I guess. It’s like you have like your case we have it stacked whatever and then when you’re doing the crumb coat you going to do the calistan late so that you can see the color of the crumb coat like the white frosting but you’re also seeing my piece of that cake coming through so it’s not like a completely salad cold around the entire cake. Looks really nice cuz some people are just going to ask something it with some eucalyptus or like 10 different kinds of flowers basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I saw the email but it wasn’t responding I mean like who knows that you can tell go back to Pinterest see what else I want to talk about on here there’s also a lot of like home decor stuff because I got a new apartment this year with my boyfriend and I’m really trying to cut it decorated. I really, really like how like the living room like that kind of area is coming together. I do wish that we had like four seating just because we have people over there really isn’t a lot of places for them it and that’s kind of a bummer but how much I can really do about that but the one place I feel like words like the style is lacking is in our bedroom that you’re just a lot going on and I already picked out our bed and our dresser and like a mirror that’s literally omr crate but I mean that’s literally it so I mean it could definitely use a little bit of personality in their butt I don’t know I just haven’t gotten that far to Lake you working in the room as much as I would like to. I’ll talk with you when I get somewhere something in the walls are like to get some artwork and don’t we need a new comforter. We chose like this like white and gray striped duvet and comforter set for a room just to piss the bed frame that we got to take this link Middletown to dark gray color basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And out our dresser is like a bright white. So we got to go voice and graystripe would look really nice but now we’re coming to the conclusion that the duvet is scratchy not comfortable with that really big enough for a bed so I think that we should probably get like a king size comforter because like we’re always both of us are fighting over the comforter at night then pick you up maybe just a king-size would be better. So I might check that out and see what that’s like. But I haven’t really thought about it that much I guess I’ll buy all sorts of stuff I have to take out of my car I just remember. I have the air mattress as well as the wedding is the back of my car for 1 hour and here tomorrow so I really should I bring that up and out of my car tonight just so that I can get stuff set up for her for tomorrow. I like tacos with salsa and cheese add lettuce basement remodeling Milwaukee.