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Hello beautiful good morning the sun is shining and it is below zero outside so grab your coffee and have a seat at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and lets talk about bathtubs at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of questions when it comes to bathrooms and remodeling basements now a lot of modern basements usually have a half bath in their basement slowly there is also a need for full bathes and a lot of families are using full bathes in basements to help when family comes over to visit I remember growing up we had one bathroom and there were 12 of us in the house I never understood the business but I do remember people not locking the door or my grandmas pet peeve leaving the light on it was a pull chain from our medicine cabinet that lit the bathroom from what I remember and the bathtub had like a tile slap on it and that’s where lot of our shampoos and body wash wen then we had a cabinet in the bathroom and that is where the I remember as a little kid I may have been five years old I would sit under the sink every morning before school and the heat would just flow from the vent it felt amazing no one ever questioned me when I would tell them I hated the cold it hurts until I was much older and it was a symptom to another disease so a little lesson listen carefully to your kids and question them at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we do get busy and are not perfect however try every day to listen to our babies they tell us stuff speaking of babies how is bath time going I have been looking at interesting bathes in the modern world definitely nothing traditional but definitely fancy am I am sure if I need a step stool to get into the stub its probably not appropriate for the shared family bathroom what about a walk in shower how would that bathroom look I panic when I just see walk in shower because the kids love the bathtub and I just don’t understand how I can take it away I could add a small pool to the walk in shower but what if someone is ill and needs a sitz bath or someone needs to soak their joints we cant just rip out the tub and add a beautiful shower with lots of jets every where that could be amazing but then again the kids where would they shower and where would they take their bathes with their toys and play knock down the cups where would we be without bath time I know back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee can accommodate the babes during this remodeling process and will keep them in mind for the love of God the only time I can put the baby in the tub and clean with my little guy I have no idea where I would be have you seen the new undermount bathtubs like what on earth a huge bath tub that just sits there in the floor our on pedestals.

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I would love an undermount tub but then what is the purpose of the swimming pool down the block what would we do ith the tot lot would we ever go would we ever learn our neighborhood would we know our community would we want to leave the bathroom let alone the house I don’t think we would ever consider the world around us we would just be there in the undermount tub I wouldn’t leave but for 4,000.00 tub I think it is a tad out of budget lets take a look at other bathes that may be more efficient in the basement I am into the freestanding non whirlpool soaking tubs I think they are the best bet for families with children bath night with a movie and snacks in the new remodeled basement my kids would be so in heaven they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves in their new space in fact we may have to consider a small area for toys and then a space for dad to do some handyman stuff and then we would have to consider a laundry room but what I wouldn’t do for a place of Zen and peace a place that can also have a new lighting to accommodate different atmospheres and environments I would love it back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee supports your dreams and visions and will always consider what function is best for you as you go about your remodel I would love the free standing soaking bath tub with a shower handle to rinse off the washed babes they would love it too I must consider the space I do have right now and could probably squeeze the freestanding pedestal tub in a tiled space of my current bathroom I would definitely have to pay a lot of money for the new space and have it all refinished but it would so be worth the peace my bathroom would bring comfort to my little when they don’t feel well and look holy cows there are deals at home depot you can get a freestanding bathtub in the white for almost 600.00 definitely not a 4,000.00 piece of material I am happy to know that there are options and other stores now while I am looking around I see that back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee would have no problem remodeling your basement and adding a bathroom with a bathtub that is suitable for your family and its needs I love that my family enjoys the bathtub and I don’t think I will ever change however I am open to new ideas I love function especially when it goes with style I love that I can look nice and get things done at the same time when I clean up my home that my house wont fall apart or looks better with toys all over than it would if we cleaned those houses are sad and I cannot stand the thought of it happening at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will make sure your house will stay a home.