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Welcome to Milwaukee happy valentines day everyone thank you for the google search and review thank you for your business thank you for your time and patience thank you for everything you have done to support our business thank you to all who work with us thank you for being dependable and on time thank you for your everything without your support back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee is where it needs to be today and foresees a lot of growth in the next two years you have all accomplished so much and we are grateful we have meet some amazing families along the way and keep them in our thoughts an prayers daily we hope that they enjoy their new spaces and their families today those who are going through the remodeling process today is your day to rest and enjoy those who you love and those who are here as independence in Milwaukee take a hike around the city and enjoy the love of the city at back to basics builders today we celebrate all we love and do for others know this anyone who does not love do not love God for god is love at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to love and be loved we want you to experience family and we want you know we are more than builders we are life time remodelers we not only take the old we build the new and when you sign up for your free estimate we need to get through that first step with you so call today for your free estimate let us know you are ready for a new fresh space to share with your family we love new clients we love change we love to see difference if every remodel was the same we would be very bored and have no hope for the future but since we have new remodels year round we are so happy to stay in business and meet new people we are so happy to keep going for other families at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are ready for the next family the new client to bring us difference to share their unique visions and dreams we get excited to see the newness and excitement the families bring us we love working with everyone we love working to rebuild a space to create new memories and to celebrate change with you through every remodel we are here to change the space we are here to change the environment we are not thermometers we do not take the temperature of the room we are thermostats we change the environment and its exciting to us to be there through the process the other day I was sitting at work and mentioned I had a dial for a thermostat I was clueless I had no idea that my thermostat contained mercury so I shared this information with my landlord, my mom, and she agreed we should probably change those things as soon as possible then she contracted the flu so we are in the healing process of being diagnosed with the flu then I’m sure we will reach out for some help to change our thermostats from a handyman we definitely do not want to ask our husbands last time we asked them to fix the outlets the power went out in half the kitchen it was terrible and it wasn’t attempted to be fixed until there was threat of an awfully expensive electrician coming by to fix the problem at back to basics builders we promise from start to finish we will not take out the electricity to your whole house when working on one room unless by all means we need to for safety reasons you can trust us with the small stuff and the big stuff we love our remodels we enjoy from demo to remodel its our cup of tea we enjoy it so much we start our day with happy thoughts on Mondays we look at the positive before we discuss anything else we always discuss what is good and what is great what went well what was awesome then we talk about the caca stuff the stuff that no none wants to hear and the stuff we cannot sometimes control but we like to figure out what we could have done different how we could prevent things from happening and how we can always improve from our mistakes we are those people we don’t enjoy constructive criticism but it sometimes is needed to better serve our customers it’s a great time to learn it’s a time to know what we could always do different to better help our co workers and make our customers happy with happy customers we have a career at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are loving our business at this time we have multiple jobs going on and we have residential to commercial being cared for with amazing staff we love it we love the challenges we love the change its what we do here at back to basics builders we love caring for others and making sure that their lives are as balanced as they can be with the life changing event as a remodel some families don’t understand how change in the structure of a house can later make it a home but the process can be so tedious time consuming and traumatizing it can also be a perfect event for families to unite become closer to each other build stronger relationships listen to each other more and share vision together my little man has changed his career about 25 times in the last two days but the fact that I say I though you wanted to be ….amazes him he always asks you remember that you listening to me again I giggle to myself because I cannot expect life any different if you do not love what you do you are definitely in the wrong place if you do not love coming to work and making a difference you are in the wrong place at back to basics builders we love what we do and we love who we are happy valentines day everyone