Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Security On Your Mind?

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Good morning friends and family thank you for joining me a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are so excited to have the sun shining today today we’re going to talk a little bit about different colors of Seasons changing colors change materials also change and a back-to-basics Builders we started a new process not only for us but also for our clients it gives them definitely more control over their remodeling project and it’s an amazing format to follow which I love because complicated things just don’t always go right and it causes terrible communication problems but a back-to-basics Brothers we want you to know that you are always cared for and supported and are open door policy goes for anyone in anyone My Back to Basics spoilers basement remodeling Milwaukee we started a new agenda for each client which they get handed to them in person it’s also in digital form and its life so whenever a client can go in an update at any given time and our staff is notified of changes that they are requesting therefore it makes it very simple for us to make sure that our subcontractors are up to dates with all the supplies that they will need the tools that they will need the space they will need the design they are going to have to create the materials that they may need and this is amazing to me this is something that I adore something that I love something that I truly enjoy because I love to see you when customers are involved I love to see that times have changed and distance has changed between him and him we all have bubbles now we all have a 60 radius around us and we are not allowed to touch we’re not allowed to have contact we’re not allowed to being that 6 foot radius but we are allowed to communicate and I love that our society has found so many different ways to communicate to one another and get work done Back to Basics Brothers I have the pleasure of working here in the office I get to teach different things I could to learn many different things and I love it I love that sometimes I’m on a site and I love sometimes that I’m in front of a computer and I love sometimes that I’m drinking coffee and I’m having lunch or I am simply on a site nailing things to walls I have watching different roles while riding in a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee me and courage difference we encourage learning we encourage stepping outside of a comfort zone we encourage communicating with one another and supporting one another and working with one another and learning with one another at Back to Basics Builders want to come to your home we love that we have an outline of what you can expect and you have that in front of you and you’re prepared for us everyday to know what we should and should not be doing what we may be ahead on what we’re falling behind on you have the visual in front of you to know that okay this project may take a week it may take a few months if the subcontractor is scheduled for this day then do I want to be home to meet him or should I not mine and just leave my keys out for the owner these are different questions that you can answer ahead of time that you don’t need to discuss with anybody but your family and a back-to-basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee we expect you too have a privacy to discuss things and we enjoy your joy and with that being said it’s very important to us that our customers are very joyful throughout the remodeling process this is this is your house and you’re making a personal it’s becoming a home and your home is where your heart hates your home is where Joy is your home is where the subsonic hurts your home is where your piece should be your home is your life this is where you become that person this is where you become that family this is where your house becomes who you are where you build to accommodate who you are and what you love to do at bat the basics Builders we are here to serve right here to make sure that you experience the sunshine you experience the joy because nobody can steal that from you this is something that you buy will give up on your own I know deep down in my heart there ain’t nothing going to steal my joy my understanding of true Joy is that it sounds deep within one saw it is something that has felt it is something that is true it is something that is selling it is something that is experienced it is something that is felt it is something that is seen and it’s something that one can identify Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we love when families get to experience true joy in their homes at Back to Basics Builders you look at the experience to join when you meet the owners of the business Halloween to the finishing product of your remodeling whatever it is that you may be remodeling it may be as simple as a closet maybe as exterior as a basement to you I know a lot of people don’t see their basements as part of their homes until it’s completely remodeled and the interesting thing is I always found peace in my basement the craziest thing is dungeon fish as my basement maybe I could always clear off a table and do my homework until my laundry was completely done when I was in college and I think it’s just the homeyness of having memories in the basement before it was all day mode and knowing that there was a family in unity in there with strength and there was joy in the basement and it gave me a comfort it gave me a p it gave me home again and every time I came home from college I would experience that only in my basement at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling marketing we want your house to become your home you want you to experience Joy through this process we want you to know that there is Joy within a home and that you can let loose and hang your heart you can begin by giving us a call when you can contact us through our website at 5 $6. Com and you can definitely follow up with a free estimate and continue with a 15% lower rate than any other company in the thank you for tuning in 2 at Back to Basics builders.