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Hello it’s a great day here at the Basement Remodeling Milwaukee highest and most reviewed Back to Basics Builders office. As I was pondering if his thoughts earlier I was looking into some mirror texture with mirrors. And I found some really good ideas about where to put mirror and how to hang them to make them more interesting and to make your home more cohesive. but I found some really really interesting stuff when I started to put a collage together in regards to my bathroom. I started adding some stuff because I’m super in debate with paint or stain and I have been for about 6 months I’ve done articles about paint I’ve been articles about stain I’ve done articles about a happy medium and I think that’s kind of where I’m going to go with us is a happy medium. I really enjoying pops of color I’m not one to go and pull out a navy blue or a black or espresso I have learned that foundations can add color. And it’s a part of the thought of my bathroom I was looking into some waiting and oh my goodness I found the most beautiful typed laying fixture you would ever in any bathroom. I also love Darren a obtain a tight medicine cabinet but right now I’m looking for a lock box for all my pills. I’m not sure if I am going to continue with a lock box and just add a mirror to the top of my bathroom vanity but I feel like it’s something that I need to do. I feel like the bathroom is super cluttered and there’s a lot of stuff in the way so hopefully we can downsize and create a beautiful new space. Another thing that I have found while I was roaming online was a mirror with a shelf attached and these are piped these are not there very Industrial and have a rustic feel to them. And as I was looking I was like do I want all these pipes type things all over my house I kind of want a little bit of wood in there. So I’m still pondering the thought of the lighting in the mirrors and the shelving see what I can come up with. Basement remodeling Milwaukee is a great place where you can come and get your style ideas together. There are days sometimes I have to sit in front of the computer and try and figure out if I’m going to do a purple vanity or a blue vanity. I am not too sure sometimes in fact sometimes I don’t even know what day of the week it is when I’m writing but I do know that I love Jesus and I love coffee. Basement remodeling Milwaukee is a company that will research and it will find the newest and most predicted colors of the Season or of the year or at the most faded the most roller coasters colors throughout decades. does surpassed we do we try everything we make sure that our customers are happy no matter what they choose and I’m not too sure about the pipes. Core in the pipe to Furniture I don’t know how I feel about being in the however I know that industrial is part rustic as well. But I don’t know if I’m rustic or shabby chic or no industrial. We all have different science to us we all have different stories to tell and it comes out sometimes and the worst of Jack horror stories. I know that sometimes I try to do my best and I’m not kidding you I tried my best to my first home I always had a passion to make homes look better than what they were with simple updating projects. And I was painting my kitchen one day and I wanted yellow with red circles and I wanted the circles to be different sizes but vertically and I wanted them to be mixed with solid and open Circles. By the time I started the first round of circles and looks like ice had a straight up pizza and I kitchen on the bottom half. is a great place to be and we promise not to make pizzas on your kitchen walls but we do want you to be involved in your decision-making. doesn’t need you to qualify in any category of decor we want you to be happy with the product that you choose. We want you to be happy with your customer service that you will be guaranteed to have with Back to Basics Belle Terrace. We are always ten steps ahead we’re always thinking we’re always preventing and we’re always moving forward. Basement remodeling Milwaukee is always on time we’re always in progress we’re always in the process of and we continue to always be. it’s my favorite place to be during the day. It’s quiet it’s a place where we can be reserved it’s a place where we can be loud it’s a place where we can be fun and it’s a place where we can be legit serious. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re here together and we know one another. We don’t know each other styles or Fashions but we do know that we all have a goal next to have business together. I love that I can come into work and know that what’s important to me is going to be important to a company that wants to procrastinate do great things pray. I love that I can come into work and check on my daughter when she’s sick or I can call the school and check on my little guy and make sure he’s okay after rough night of therapy. basement remodeling Milwaukee area is always going to be and time it’s always going to be in the process of and it’s always going to be progressing to do great things. I love that work is always going to be here we learn to cope with a tree Central and that no matter what we will always have a job in the construction field. Basement remodeling Milwaukee is a great place it’s a place where we can always do great things for one another and also for our customers. 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