It’s our favorite spot to get her something for her dog basement remodeling Milwaukee. She got a puppy not feeling well. So I want to try to give her something. I’ll try to get something for Buddha to just because blue is like the original for the day. So I was going to try and convince her to look at my computer right now watch me 4 minutes type of that last message. So I’m thinking of maybe I can stick with the 5 minute track. Just because I’m not just going to talk to you tomorrow leave is not like room 8.2 what I’m talking about. He’s going to talk to you about what I talked about. PS I got to run to Target after this to return the Cure. Because I have all this character couple nights ago because Mason doesn’t like using a car as she anywhere they want you to go set up correctly the scary one that you wanted. What is water Registry key recovery call me for a couple days. Which definitely wasn’t good at all basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So I told her that I love her go back to the Pod coffee machine or what you going to want to do. I really don’t want to buy another coffee machine so I can just go to say I don’t want to buy one. And he can figure it out because I don’t think I should have to buy one considering I have to copy machines in our apartment that were perfectly fine. One of them you just want to be pods for Wichita limits can stay more expensive. But the other one at the coffee grounds are pretty cheap and he just doesn’t want to like I do right now I don’t really want to buy a new copy machine right now just because I see that as an unneeded expense at the moment. I’m right over there’s other things we want to buy that we don’t have. Like we really want to get like a handheld mixer and we don’t have that so I know that’s a bit early but our lives that we want to try and try basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And I had a gift card that I used on this but I totally don’t think that it was worth the gift card so I’m having to take his car back today. And don’t but yes I’m only going that Center and look at some stuff. There’s a lot of good stuff on it to you right now I’m looking at some Halloween. Me doing it. This one says I do tricks for treats I think it’s so funny if it if it’s a total Marvin thing to save so I’m going to take his bandana for Halloween or something. But the Hard Day’s Night the bananas are all so cute but the shipping is going to go over pricing expensive. The shipping for this bandanna is at $6 and I just woke up a lot of money for what it is basement remodeling Milwaukee.

What if I get it I understand but like I think I would just kind of annoying so I can 11 David and I actually turned out to be the cut $16 and Anna and it’s cute but I don’t know if I would say that I wanted. I could pick up a better quality things the shutdown. do you want me to help you get your backpack together is that what your mom said you should get yourself together she didn’t say that you don’t want help with it page did you show Ryan I’m pretty sure Joe get another really big box do you think that we should add an expansion on. no I know you want it deeper let me see okay what about what about that box when they’re done when they’re done with their meeting Sage maybe we’ll ask them if they want to donate that box to your fort or to your house well maybe will you be here Monday maybe? yeah they’re going to go camping today but I’m assuming you guys will be back on Monday right? yeah so either so when you’re done with the meeting maybe we can just like talk out a quick plan and see where we want to put the boxes and then on Monday we can actually do the addition to that sound good cuz first. or. will be longer is bigger I mean I think you for it looks pretty cool but we can definitely add on to it right yeah yeah still at Ryan Cohen it with you? yeah we can have gas go in there 2 – and Marvin Gaye Pi foot in the box with you then if we did the expansion you want to do basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Play I thought I was going to be looking at those my dad’s but I just had a little bit of information everyone else isn’t a cation or what kind of Indiana is. I really also want to see the guy to come in to end up like a dog wearing his bandana until I pay how it looks on a dog after they’re pretty cute bandanas I think I might have to actually I don’t know how I feel about them I don’t really like those sometimes I don’t like to keep Eric but I don’t think I actually want it. So I don’t have to find a different band and I really didn’t like how it look but I don’t know I want the history of Halloween in existence of like a little monster I think that’s so cute. So maybe that’s the one out to get Marvin I think I I think I want to stick with where the pumpkin one was kind of cool maybe I’ll update on the pumpkin one because of her cuz I don’t like feeling like I don’t know there’s some colors that class with bargain basement remodeling Milwaukee.