Cure fa Serene Valley Mall. We hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic Wednesday afternoon you know it is just about 4:30 here in the Milwaukee area and you know it’s sunny out you know after raining all day which is very nice to see you know who likes to rain it just makes a day a little bit draney and don’t be a little bit you know you don’t feel his grades cuz it’s just the end of the outside whether it’s rainy cold whatever just doesn’t make you feel great but you basement remodeling milwaukee know what the funds out you feel great you is like seeing it outside and just warms up every Wednesday so we hope everyone has a great evening and enjoys the time outside while it is nice out cuz who knows when the sun will come back out again this week but you know it continues the water drain so which is what we’re going to be discussing today whether or not the weather but you know lighting itself in bathrooms and more importantly in showers you know recently we’ve had a lot of discussions on many different things in bathrooms and today is going to be lightning because it’s a very important aspect to one comes to the bathroom.

You know when it comes to a bathroom you need to have a sufficient amount of lighting you basement remodeling milwaukee don’t want it to be dark in the place you know what you want to have a little bit more light and there’s many different options you know there’s a shower light where you can have a can light above you which is very good option if either in the darker area of the house you don’t forget simple we are in Glendale and we are working on a bathroom down there that actually has a glass block window in its and  and it lights up the room pretty well hang out where is going to be adding another vanity light to it and that way it has least somewhat when it’s dark outside that has light but you know there’s a lot of things that can go on like go out of there with you in the light as I’ve been saying you know not many bathrooms have that option to have that necessity to be able to do that so you don’t hear at there’s a lot of different options we go over with her clients who are what they want done into their bathrooms what kind of lighting do they want vanity lights they were multiple of any lights to purple vanities for bathrooms whatnots.

Give me discussing and many things you can do but you know that you’re said there’s a lot of fun options you can do what you don’t think I said this one that has a glass block window in it and it’s very unique very different from what you would normally see in people’s houses and homes in bathrooms well not normally it’s just something different than you would see in a basement bathroom I guess I normally the walls would be there for bathroom to be there but you know it’s what they wanted and they have a great opportunity that use it in to their advantage and if it looks very unique and very different from other people’s houses in which is also fantastic you know we don’t like doing the same thing over and over again when you’re part of that our job is doing the same thing over and over again like making walls and stuff but you know the design of the house is different name to retire girl meets a birthday I never the same most houses are different unique to themselves because like I said we work all over the place from Milwaukee to Glendale to Brookfield Lots we do a lot of Home stand Wauwatosa is well and even some out in Wales and passed the Delafield little bit but you know there’s a lot of different options.

A lot of different homes that have different formats different lightings different things that are in their homes and part of it is in comes down to where does the best thing where does the format fit for the best situation you know where I can put a bathroom in the other side of the building when can be right next to the plumbing so doesn’t have to trenches for up when you know that thing comes into play do you want to spend more money to have the design layout that you want or do you want to make sure that we spend the least amount of money and do can I keep everything next to each other where we would think that it would best be the least expensive option you know that’s what we do here at basement remodeling Milwaukee is make sure our clients are happy and they come down to the fact that matter is that we say the little bit money on the project from the design side of means you know if they want all the stuff going to put it in the cheapest option or cheapest spot where they could have all the stuff for the way they save that money for their Aesthetics to the house itself 20 Shake basement remodeling Milwaukee out let us help you with your next Big Mountain Valley Project.

Check it out it Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and let us give you a free estimate and go over all the details of your next big project was already took bathroom kitchen basement to let us help you with it and let us decide how many different options we can help you with and save money if you do hear at basement remodeling milwaukee are here for our class because you know there’s a lot of people are not for their clients and we are here for our clients here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and we do are the best work.