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Hey there everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend of relaxing and enjoying time with family I know I did, my brother came back home for a few days because he had midterms and everything was online so he came home and did all of the work at home and it was nice seeing him and hanging out with him. But here at basement remodeling milwaukee have been having great weekends and what I mean by that is every weekend it seems we are getting closer to our goals which is an amazing feeling. However we are here to discuss showers and the many different aspects that come with them, meaning are they a built in ceramic tub or are they a walk in shower, what kind of opening do they have we will touch as many topics as we can. So first part of a bathroom remodel is deciding do you want a tub or a walk in shower, after that decision and depending on what you want decides the rest of the bathroom and what to do in it first lets say you chose to go with a walk in shower. The next step would be deciding what to do for the walk in shower do you want a ceramic walk in sower or do you want it tile. The differences are fairly far apart in concept and design, the ceramic is something you can pick up at the a local store in your area that sell showers and can be fairly different in the designs, however, a tile shower requires a more delicate touch and a lot more goes into the design and how it is installed. First you have to decide the size of the shower that you would like in the bathroom and what will fit goes into that decision making. So I am going to paint a picture of a walk in tile shower and the different aspects of it then explain in more detail after. So first you have a decent size bathroom in your basement it needs a remodel and looking to create a new walk in tiled shower, so now with that being said everything needs to come out of the bathroom to create shower pan the size of the shower I would like. Then comes choosing the tile the tile I would like on the walls would be a more modern trapezoid grey glossy class mosaic tile all the way around the walls then for the floor beneath me I would like a bosphorus marble look for the floor to give a more color consistency, so the next part comes to pick the fixtures that we would want for our bathroom. Basement remodeling milwaukee has a lot of contacts and ideas from multiple sources to give so picking out the fixtures would be nice and easy, the shower head or faucet for the sink. We would want one that is pretty big that would be like a water fall that has an extra shower head that we can move a round if we need to or if just want extra water, but then we have to decide if we want a door a shower curtain or nothing. I would like to have a glass shower door that opens by swing open and the door would be have the size of the opening into the shower that way we can have a glass window that can hold our towels. You see there is a lot that goes into creating a shower or many different options that you can choose from in a bathroom remodel. At basement remodeling milwaukee we help all of our clients with ideas and options by giving our thoughts and contacts to their disposal to give the experience of creating their own design. Lets go over another idea of a shower that could be an option for families, like mentioned before the first is taking out everything and replacing it so depending on how big the area you want for your shower or tub so lets say it is the size of an average tub but lets say its going to be the a walk in shower with multiple indentations for the family to put products that are used in the shower. Then the shower head will be a delta Dryden shower head with a bronze finish to it. Now the tile that is the bathroom will be a harlow interlocking glass mosaics that are a grayish white color. With that all being picked out you need to decide now do you want a shower curtain or a door that leads into the shower which you will go with a glass door that can be slide to one side or another and has a towel rack on so towel can be hung on the outside of the door. So with this all being stuff that needs to be decided when remodeling yes depending on the things you choose will determine the what goes in to the bathroom and how many additions you need some bathrooms are more extravagant than others some are still just a simple tub and a shower head that will do the job with a shower curtain to keep the water in tub and not on the floor as well as a nice white tile for the floor, you see there are many options to choose from and it all depends on one style and what one likes, here at basement remodeling milwaukee we understand that and want to help everyone find their style to choose to be different and make it their own we want everyone to have the experience to be able to create their dream ideas for their house because after all it is their home one place they are living in and that have to make many memories in we are not the ones that have to live there with that idea so next time you want a bathroom remodel call basement remodeling milwaukee and we will help create you idea your vision.