He stopped message from Tillman he’s like a Stop message from Tillman he’s like this is like what a dick it’s from over there all I hear is that’s all I hear you loudit’s from over there all I hear is that’s all I hear you loud yeah I don’t know what’s going on maybe they’re still mad that you.  which you probably I said I sent whatever there was so just reply with the the PDF files who’s it for I mailed it on the basement remodeling milwaukee 18th of May cut up whatever is on there yeah I would have sent them both but they’re both on their by 18 cuz usually Joel’s the one that asked me to send these I don’t just like.

Just send them both again because yeah usually when they’re both in their jolse a we can work on a permit and I’m like oh no what a good morning for Kyle he’s off to a great start you should have stayed in bed today where’s Joe we need them you make my job more difficult than it needs to be.  do we have less we have less problems would like the Milwaukee they’ve never even sent anything back they just don’t care Wauwatosa is the worst do they like basement remodeling milwaukee  I don’t know I’ve never seen it like every other place that I’ve applied for permits we’ve had no issues it’s just Wauwatosa right I don’t I don’t know anything about writing those plans I’m assuming it’s.  if you do it 4 it’s just dumb cuz 1 County won’t require you to write it and then apparently Mike Niederman enjoyed tell him I need to know they need to know what color the clients have yeah they just Raymond hey Brandon is that mine know that was me yeah dude I never drove that thing I said yeah I never drove that thing is like I was ready to tackle the challenge sounds like all this is little bit harder than I thought.

The no rearview mirror really messed me up well yeah but I couldn’t see if anything was behind me so the whole time I was worried I was about to run into like a pole why can’t you just pull into it normal you can park in the parking spot either that’s.  what is that wheel is it a salsa one of the two videos Hansel I have to bring it into one of the stores that does Milwaukee Tools there’s one by 8 tell Kyle about that cuz he knows where the places that we’ve been sending those so Samurai found the place but he gets close to his house if you just bring it after work usually can be Kyle.  basement remodeling milwaukee I’m still right here I just want to get these done I forgot to do the labor on timesheets I’ll do that after this and then I get these assholes done right away this morning so I’m going to worry about it cuz I’m the only other thing I got to do besides we don’t need that cyclemeter where is Joel yeah.  I hope so I try to you choose if play I think you can just keep doing all this I think it’s hard to do to right she just resend them like she just email them no they’re not going to give us a hard time redo don’t like they just trying to give you a hard time which basement remodeling milwaukee door size I look at this right now.

Like an old one are we too quick to get angry at Michael Niederman no he still needs that anger traffic on 88th and you finally responded about it is that an old one the perfect classic mix.  yeah I don’t compare to this one your screen is too big like when you go from that so that I can’t see it the go now Owen Sarah when she sat in this chair she did this she was exactly like this barn door door door door Barn Door yeah this one is this one got this to whatever that is you know what’s happened.  all right right and they’ve approved these plans for us in the past and like improved basement remodeling milwaukee final inspections you think that they would just kind of like approve these things for us you think drinking this at my desk at work would be bad that bad idea got a big bang right here maybe a little much right we don’t need help Joe we just need to figure this out like I know I was watching a little Breaking Bad I was watching a little Breaking Bad the other day and I was like you know the show is some sneaky ways all maybe I should.  Basement remodeling milwaukee so Chris and Liam yeah it is Liam Liam how are you intimidated how are you is Intimidator you’re just like a big guy what about no no no not that it’s more like what if I sent you Joe’s not here to play politics if you’re easier to build remodels in make money who me probably not not in the Inner Circle of you and Joe your ass in the office the Inner Circle move a smaller office this is Kyle and Jill you can

intimidate nobody though what she has I think that’s why he’s being the way he is because he hates his life Williams Lost would you even show that you know how to show them the picture go out to right right. The caffeine makes me a little crazy but oh well because they should be working out, I just dont like going to the gym. Once i was at PCB i dont know what that was. Baseball got busy and it was tough to get there no it does not look better tht was kind of funny not a thousand times better.