All right here we go so this will be the final one for the morning I’m going to have to work on Labor on top sheets which papers ready for that because that’s a whole thing to have to worry about you look Royals versus tigers.  Miguel Cabrera went 3 for 5 so it’s kind of cool I think you get a home run nope it did to Yellow 3 12 days Cuba to start to get up again to his numbers I know he started his career are very good. That’s not even close to what I wanted to do but if you go before France’s only 22 please league in triples he’s got a good speed record power do you want heading to 46.  years old PS kids PS 1 125 and there’s also a no there’s also basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Look to see Cuba do if we look at his you don’t have batting logs we can see that he’s definitely been playing better as of late compared to what he was doing before bad stretch for him we look from his debut on April 4th through you know April 14th is first nine games you 4 home runs 11 RBIs I mean he spent 370 with a piece of 1.3 so his first few games are awesome right I’m going to be definitely cooled off for a while just lately it looks like in his past I don’t know if I gave it to you it’s heating up so it’s good to see that he’s starting to get you no pictures for your mouth and now he’s starting to get back into it needed start struggle I would like 27 games he’s been to 95 so basement remodeling Milwaukee here that really tough stretch from you know you could say April 3rd through the 6th but since then he’s still in a very solid player so I’m not to get too worried about their there’s the Seattle Kraken then I want to talk about because it’s a team that we could see who their first pick word do they sell crack and get the number 2 overall pick July 25th is the 21st is the expansion draft and then a few days later as the 2021 NHL entry begin their head coach very soon but see who cnhl mock draft 2021.

I’m now that we know that the crack and got the second pick will see who they’re expected to take her they just have to get past available on power fairly is the number one but there is Matthew basement remodeling Milwaukee bunny ears look him up look up Matthew veneers and just see what.  this on his 8 voice for Michigan if you go to his hockey DB we can see where you was at home for the team USA’s always been good I’m this year for Michigan and 24 games he’s got 10 goals 14 sis I’m so there is that but like I said he’s always been pretty good he’s able how and how big is this guy you look he’s 6/168 we still pretty small but what see what this guy report says about him and they say he’s a what is he great very good skater worms fast I’m very quick first step is offensive game he’s a very good play makers always more of a new basement remodeling Milwaukee smartphones of leave in a great he’s just franchise Center which is good to see that’s one mock draft I want to see the final rankings the big one is I mean they’re going power it’ll be pretty cool to get him but there’s also but the Kraken colleges need all that doesn’t really matter usually not much select you were saying I think it’s because he is the the only sending others also Williams blind if you look at William a Clint.

We’ll see that he see where it’s at when it comes to his hockey DB you left the 18 is small so you can get it done but I think we’ll be happy with Matthew bunny ears but all traffic in see the players at the basement remodeling Milwaukee will take we can see that I mean what is a June 7th was last time this one was updated so we definitely have the Ducks you know I think that 2 words that you own the cracker to take Adam Henrique who you haven’t had redo some horrible I mean he’s he’s awfully older but he’s ever been bad player he’s a 20-goal game and who can jump in and be the guy I mean at 1 for his up 30 goal scorer so it’s really not much to hear about that I made in hell would be another pick in the back up for the coyotes but so it’s been a good back up so there’s not really much to hate about that one either see what else we of the Bruins on Nick Ritchie I don’t really know much about him if I look at Nick Ritchie the series actually scored pretty good it was just one of those guys he’s not old but this can’t protect them but he’s you know that second third basement remodeling Milwaukee

Line guy left Winger he probably be the I don’t know the number one option you know first line to look at the Sabres if we look at each Thompson is who they think they’re going to think he’s a young Center sermon Eagle Six assists and nothing crazy there but you know what’s another year at least it’s a young guy to have offered Calgary Mark Giordano would be the pic I’m not that far away from being removed from a Taurus in 2018 he’s just not what it used to be but he’s old and you know he can probably get it done for a little bit there Thomas Catholic high profile name that they can have on Brady ski is a pretty big pic that they can have basement remodeling Milwaukee Jelly’s just that classic defense me to get big hits guy I’m pretty sure she actually has his name is ski but there’s that on the Blackhawks are going to give up, to hand they think he’s also just 8 grit and grind defenseman pretty sure he played for the Islanders if I’m not mistaken on something that horrible.