Articles and talk about all the decorating your house with skeletons. And I actually didn’t even mention that whatsoever so I talked about in this article. I’m hoping to get her to 2000 words or redo articles that I’ve typed up right now basement remodeling Milwaukee. Oh my gosh I never tried this but I wish you the drink Bowlers really good. I said I’m trying to get to caffeinated water so this morning we have not spent to go do and it just look like a kind of an older house in the all day. What’s a little messy like there’s a lot of stuff in the car but I mean who sells to light. Sometimes I just get away from you in a little bit of a mess Arts pull up in a lot about it sometimes. And so we got there and we walked up and instantly went the whole door open if you get hit with his son of cigarettes. I smell that smell it’s not really a great smell so nobody really wants to have to sell that whatsoever. Because it’s just such a overpowering on bigger person and like you can tell that obviously it was like stuff to the carpets and like all that kind of thing basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So that definitely stinks I’m sure you’re well anyway it was brought up with this if I don’t do it if I don’t even know that they are because I think they look there she said for about 7 years there so I me they totally brought for the ones who created this done and what not in that house 1. Sounds kind of gross my opinion but I asked you to light the small stuff like that in general whatsoever. Though and it also they had three dogs so there was a lot of dogs are piled up in like that’s a bit I was it doesn’t smell like. Didn’t know that was you was just going to go see all the dog hair. Which I mean if all people it just bothered because like I do I’ve had a thought I had dogs that have shed so I’m used to it it’s not really that big of a deal. I’m used to kind of like stay on top of the lake cleaning it up all the way to pools up because I only see out here for me. But I think overall the creepy Steele’s house was when he walked in they obviously had a really big obsession with skeletons. And they instantly when he walked in the house was just super dark and dingy like I felt really dungeon like in their house as well basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I think the living room if I remember correctly with a painted like a purplish color which also can I contribute to the dark feeling of it all. But then like you look to your left in the others are really gorgeous fireplace with like custom built in Sleepless in the wall and then you see all the skeletons. They literally had a scale to dress up as a pilot sitting on a chair like slouched over next to the fireplace. And I’m not sure these people just like maybe like major Halloween people there just are swords decorated like a couple months early or something. But I am just a super creepy weird looking house up there. Cat skeleton pictures in Vault of clothes and a skeleton like like just like wall things we like there’s a lot of us. I was like oh my God this is so creepy. I don’t know what like their Obsession of skeleton start like coming from but whatever I mean everybody I say that one thing that I really like and like and I guess. So maybe they just clocked out and then they wanted to put it they want for the beasts are they got the one for the bathroom in their basement. It’s we went down there to look at it at a look at it see where to go in that kind of thing. They have Boy Scouts of down there to All right look like you’re walking into a Halloween store basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Like honestly just really kind of creepy and spooky like the peoples of the sea to know what they wanted and then it really have the money for it and I don’t know there’s no need to really go back out there was so disgusting and like there’s for the weird people. 2 and the husband teach him something I was father was as far as We Know I’d say that his father was an electrician and that he would come out there to fix the electrical panel. Which cell phone that’s something that we probably would have happened just because of liability concerns and bumper and it’s not to work with him at all so it’s not like it’s something we really have to worry about it basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So yeah I mean I hope they find somebody I don’t think they will I think that whatever I wanted to put it to the house onĀ  so I think I’ma say that they should just say their money or maybe play a new house I don’t I honestly don’t know what create it sound like it’s it’s not a huge houses on the best area it’s outdated and really I don’t know. I think they’d be better off if that’s in their money elsewhere. Maybe finishing you’re making their upstairs bathroom a little nicer. Because that one’s pretty gross as well. That was just a pretty small and tight bathroom it was like the ongoing efforts of you always feel like splashes of color here and there they just want to light brightness right now I just was like four or five people leave on our how we going down the steps. I’ve never seen that before and there’s another one oh yeah Tuesday happy Tuesday basement remodeling Milwaukee.