Hello hello hello hello perfect can you still hear me headphones perfect. Okay I’ll be to say good morning I hope everybody’s having a lovely start to the day. Of worked out very nice day from what it’s looking like outside. I know I was watching the news this morning at the door might be a little bit of a chance of rain this afternoon. I really hope it holds off basement remodeling Milwaukee. I woke up this morning and I had High Hopes it’s going to the gym earlier today just because I know I’m not going to have chance to go later today but I’ll just take the day the rest day and I’ll just go over the weekend. But I still got up at a decent time I got to hang out for a little bit had some coffee watch the news little bit. On the news they were talking a lot about the Bucks game that can be going on tonight.

I am planning on going downtown with some friends it just depends on which country go with. We have a couple different groups of friends Army downtown tonight 1 cup is going to go to the deer District which is supposed to have bought 65000 people just have a lot of people for my preference. But then we have a couple other people their friends that are going to a different bars in the surrounding area and that would be a little more or a paste. We’ll still be extremely busy but baby. Ask Dad about me. But yes they’re done with it on the news this morning and they’re like I said they’re expecting next 55000 people. They blocked off while more roads and there’s my biggest fear for the night and just finding parking. I’m typically you can usually find parking it just like I have to walk a mile or two but I think tonight might be a much longer walk and I’m not really sure what they want to do all that walking. Uber start going to be great paste. Mason’s just texted me right now about parking and I’m not really sure what he’s getting yet I don’t really want to pay $50 for Uber tonight so I’m going to try my hardest to avoid that basement remodeling Milwaukee. But we shall see I mean it should be fun either way I’m really hoping not to be home super late because I will have to be to work by 8 a.m. tomorrow I do have some things I need to get down obviously.

But my mom’s also coming and she was hoping to stop by me to bring dinner so who knows we’re just have to play things but you’re not even sure exactly what time the game starts I think it’s the gate but so improbable get home till like 5 close to midnight would be my guess basement remodeling Milwaukee. But they’re going back to the topic at hand. In this article be writing about how there’s a lot of decisions to make when you’re doing the renovation. And obviously we’re going into remodel you know that there’s going to be a lot of decisions but I don’t think you understand just how many decisions are going to have to make. I mean obviously the first decision you’re going to have to make as big as a surgeon water bottle are you going to do. Are you doing face when I get to the bathroom and kitchen and closet are going to do a backyard believe there’s so many different like blazes new remodel. So I think a lot of people struggle with what to prioritize.

I was just on the phone with a cup worth of line today who moved into a new house and he wants to redo his and that might help you the table is for some people some people would rather do their kitchen or something very sad because they use it every single day. Not that you don’t use the bathroom every single day but you know what I mean. Facebook  basement remodeling Milwaukee and I think another big decision that people need to make that is just a budget. That’s another huge one I mean obviously people are going to want to get those Renovations done but you’re also need to keep in mind how much can you spend on me cuz you not going to want to spend too much because I don’t be scared of all the sudden they’re going to have to go in April. I mean the guys nobody want to get bro because they’re trying to have it look nice or kitchen or nicer bathroom obviously. Like obviously some people just can’t afford that kind of thing. Or some people just have to save up for awhile to be able to see that. I think a lot of people don’t understand that exactly as well as a lot of people don’t understand how much things are costing these days. Luckily the price of lover has gone down so that definitely helps out a lot of our clients.

But obviously some people think that they can go bathroom done for like five $10,000 and that’s not realistic whatsoever. Maybe Berry doing it yourself you don’t have to like do a new Plumbing or electrical or anything like that. Basement remodeling Milwaukee but how do you say that is not the case with most people a lot of people are going to watch a blue fins around and make a drastic change. That’s going to cost a lot more money I don’t think of all this choice to make. Light is all our choice the last person we talked was just like banshees. You’re going to want to like have a senior style to the room. Whether it’s modern contemporary traditional Farmhouse whatever it may be. I’m going to stick to that when you’re finished taking out all of your finishes basement remodeling Milwaukee. Call today.