All right so it’s good to know that we’re almost done here I got a bunch of calls that I had to make I don’t know why that hasn’t gotten basement remodeling Milwaukee done yet but everything else I don’t really get so we’ll see what happens there I just need to look at the it see this number I mean I should probably change it in this one too I know what I have in this number at the at the moment yeah it’s definitely wrong voice we have to change the number there change the number to 414 that’s a good way to change the numbers just to make sure in case you have to get a hold of anybody what’s the cheapest work phone so I definitely want to do that anyways going back to what I was doing before we still like I have your pretty free full here I do have pull day tomorrow I don’t really understand that one we can see we sold something I don’t really understand this right now and wife here we go we got text that was from the estimate tomorrow I’m so there’s that that’s pretty cool we can see every time a bird a plate of wings on basement remodeling Milwaukee the front of school and I’m capable of I don’t understand what that don’t understand what’s going on people are still going on that.

However if we look at this when we can see that she’s not your friend yeah I don’t really understand there are so many people people complaining about what’s happening there they’ll come I don’t really go 2 happening yes maybe we’ll make it so like I don’t know what that’s all I people talk about my space when they were definitely too young to be having my space or don’t you remember my space being what it was this person attitude table Jersey but MC gets saved it would see that the worship of my life no I definitely said the word oh wow they said worship okay when is it when I was trying to say.  look at this one we could see the air cut thing I don’t understand that and I know that’s never going to basement remodeling Milwaukee happen so on why people trying to make it happen I’m going to get 4 done today 34 just because that’s what I want to get done I really feel like doing any of you anymore.  so it’s a good thing I just said feel like it is a little bit too much we could two people are playing at the music I would really want to go to that one I might have to text and see we were at on Wednesday I didn’t even know might Text Pam just because I know that she’s going to be the one that actually makes.

Axe I just if to bold see basement remodeling Milwaukee this guy looks like these days I don’t even know Medela recognize him but everything else other than that I know I did get a little bigger misspelling myself my junior or senior year college so that was a big it’s pretty sad that those people are looking on Rochester I don’t I don’t really like that picture of all of them with the name yeah there’s no way his little kid is going to be doing that stuff is cuz it’s kind of a weird looking kitty looks like.  gallon at least the girl Lord basement remodeling Milwaukee see so on so I don’t tell him proud Probably is a mean thing to say and.  a call this is a all this is pretty cool eternals outfits and Ali delete all these trying to be awesome in the movie sing with Richard Madden and I think he’s a very good actor.

In line I’m just saying if you get him in the movie it’ll be really cool on there’s more people there’s another guy I don’t know who that is what’s his name his name is basement remodeling Milwaukee Brian Tyree Henry pretty sure he was in Godzilla versus Kong so it’s a pretty good that was a pretty fun movie this guy I don’t know how that looks like an eternal but whatever dark play would like one of these things is not like the other and then I’ll the Yankees is tied up with the Red Sox you know some other time for the wild-card spot which is kind of cool when somebody can throw a ball The Outfield stands second I don’t really but we basement remodeling Milwaukee can see what happened here see like what’s happened there that looks really bad man ready to roll up his tee shot I don’t really understand I did talk about t-shirts and golf yesterday but hopefully this is a play tourism I don’t think it will be but played the.  I’m Jackie macmullan so finally I don’t even like this lady she was always annoying to me when I was looking at the new stuff I don’t think people really think she was really the people are really like doing the best area in the next row old folks yeah I don’t really get that when people are get really young the song I’ve heard of a bunch in Philly just not like when I care about listening to what’s wrong with them basement remodeling Milwaukee people are really not excited about what he’s up to yes a lot of people really complain.

Milwaukee blower With an old PS plus a beard like that’s an average player I mean frustrating to watch a mini has been a lot better I understand it like I’m going to look up his stats and just see where he’s at on the year because I think like I just feel like he is to 39 is not go later than last year was tough and last year I get my break for with this year’s make it barely little PS plus over the average player me that’s cuz he gets on page to get a lot of walks but still not like you sign them to that number commands for playing better-than-average play.